Yearbook Information

Purchasing a Yearbook

Yearbooks are available for purchase online at www.balfour.com or by completing an order form and bringing to the main office. Personalized books can only be ordered online from www.balfour.com. If you have questions about ordering, email us at phstigeryearbook@gmail.com.

Senior Information

SENIOR PHOTOS and SENIOR SALUTES are due by November 21, 2017. If you are emailing that information, please send that to phstigeryearbook@gmail.com. Make sure to indicate the full first and last name of your senior. Remember that students can have their picture taken by the school photographer for use as a senior photo or even a backup photo!

Senior Hall of Fame voting will take place through Google Forms. A link will be emailed to your student email account.


If you have photographs from sports or extracurricular activities, feel free to email them to us! While we cannot guarantee they will be used in the yearbook, we welcome all photo submissions. Email all photo submissions to phstigeryearbook@gmail.com!

We especially need group photos submitted for all sports as we do not take those photos and do not have access to them unless they are submitted.


We do have yearbooks from previous years available for purchase. These are high-school level books only. We do NOT have access to old middle school books. Email the yearbook staff at phstigeryearbook@gmail.com for pricing and availability.

Portrait Policy

Underclassmen portraits

All students must have their picture, an individual vertical headshot, taken by the approved school photographer to be included in the current volume of the yearbook. Photo submissions will not be accepted.

Senior portraits

Students enrolled in twelfth grade as of October 1st will be included in the senior section. All seniors must submit their senior photo to the yearbook adviser in order to be included in the current volume of the yearbook. Photos may not contain any props whatsoever. Photos should be individual, vertical headshots only. The yearbook staff has the right to not include any photos that do not meet these requirements. Photos must be submitted by the established deadline in order to be included.

Book Sales Policy

Books will be sold throughout the school year through paper order forms, which can be returned to the school, or through online ordering. Book pricing information is available online and on the order forms. We consider the book "sold" when we receive your order form and full payment. Orders received during a different pricing deadline will be applied to book sales at the current price. The balance must be paid in full before the student is able to pick up his or her book.

Order forms for book sales are accepted up until one week prior to yearbook distribution. Any remaining books will be sold at the distribution event. No books will be released prior to distribution.

Pre-ordered books are considered final sales. Books cannot be returned if they have been pre-ordered. Exchanges can be made for defective books. Once a student has written in his or her book, we can no longer make an exchange or issue a refund.

Obituary Policy

Should a current student or member of the school staff pass away anytime during the current coverage period, the yearbook staff will treat the death in a tasteful, respectful manner. The portrait of that individual will appear as it would under normal circumstances, with the appropriate section's portraits. Pages covering sports, academics, or activities that have already been published may also feature the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am ordering more than one yearbook. Do I need to write a separate check for each one?

Multiple orders can be paid for with the same check. Please send the order forms together with the check.

Who do I make my check out to?

Checks can be made out to PHS Yearbook.

Where do I turn in my order form and money?

Orders can be brought to the main office, delivered to room 202, or mailed to the school ATTN: Yearbook.

I ordered a book and received a receipt. Do I need to hang on to this?

Students will be receiving yearbook order receipts through their directed study after they have purchased a book. These receipts should be kept until students have picked up their yearbook at the end of the year. Use the receipt if there is an issue with yearbook pick up.

Can I still order personalization for my child(ren)'s yearbook?

You will need to order your book online to add personalization. Go to balfour.com, click on "Yearbooks" and then "Order Yearbook." Personalization will not be available after winter break.

I missed the senior deadline. Is there any way I can still have my student featured in the yearbook?

Once the senior portrait deadline has passed, the portrait pages and senior salutes are sent in to the publishers, so we are no longer able to add in photos or make any changes. If you have missed the deadline, the only available option would be to purchase ad space in the back of the book for your senior.

When will books be distributed?

Yearbooks will be distributed during Spring Fling! Students who are not present that day can pick their yearbook up before or after school in room 202. A photo ID is needed for all students to pick up a yearbook.

My student won't be at school on distribution day. Can he or she pick up the yearbook early?

Books will not be distributed prior to distribution day. Students who are not able to pick up their book at distribution day can pick it up in room 202 before or after school on any day after distribution day.

I know I paid for a book, but when my student went to pick it up, it wasn't there! What happened?

Sometimes students forget that books are sorted by student last name. If there is still an issue, bring your yearbook receipt to Ms. Joseph either at the distribution event or in room 202 after the distribution event, and we can get that book for you right away.

My student is in an activity and the group picture for that activity isn't included. Why not?

All group photos for sports are submitted by the teams themselves. Yearbook does not take these photos or have instant access to them. If your son/daughter is in a sport, we would encourage you to submit photos, including the group photo!

Contact Information

Yearbook Phone Number:

Yearbook Email: phstigeryearbook@gmail.com

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