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Core Values

posted Dec 22, 2015, 11:04 AM by Kari Osborne   [ updated Dec 22, 2015, 11:04 AM by CEL Marketing PR Design ]

Princeton Public Schools Roll Out New Core Values

December 21, 2015

Dear Community,

As we wind down the year 2015, it seems fitting to reflect back to the work that has been done in our district through our collaborative strategic plan process.  Our School Board, staff, students and community were involved in the whole process, with feedback loops and revisions, during the school year 2014-2015 and into the fall of this year.  

New Mission

We feel very pleased with our new mission, which describes the work of our district currently---Princeton is an innovative leader in instruction, developing in every learner the ability to succeed in an ever-changing world.  

New Vision

We are equally as pleased with our vision, which describes where our district is heading--Princeton will equip every student to be career and college ready through personalized instruction, community partnerships and collaboration.

New Core Values

The third segment of our work is our new set of Core Values, which describes what we believe.  They are Citizenship, Collaborative Leadership, Connections, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Learning, and Respect.  I will define and give an example of what that might look like in our schools.

Citizenship:  Fostering in students the understanding of the rights, duties, and responsibilities essential to a democratic society.

We believe that it is very important for our students to graduate as an informed citizenry, and to that end, we will help them to see how they can become a productive citizen at the local, state, and national levels.

Collaborative Leadership:  Working together interdependently, learning from each other, and taking responsibility for our individual and collective actions.

We believe that it is important to develop the capacity to lead in each person, as we all lead in our collective pursuits.  Taking responsibility for that leadership, especially in this age of digital footprints, is imperative to the success of our students.

Connections:  Engaging in our shared purpose with our stakeholders:  staff, students, families, community, organizations, and school board.

Gone are the days of silos, where each school may operate with only internal accountability.  Modeling our share purpose with others bridges our students’ transitions into community and into authentic conversations that support our students.

Excellence:  Making continuous and deliberate steps toward ongoing achievement.

Having a plan to make continuous steps toward improving student achievement is our core purpose.  We must have a system in place which gets results.

Innovation:  Insisting upon intentional, courageous, and continuous improvement through analysis and action.

As we move through this 21st Century, innovation is the expectation, not an option.  Guiding our students to be creative producers is where we need to be.

Integrity:  Aligning our actions with our values and beliefs.

We will need to review our Core Values regularly, to ascertain that we are, in fact, aligning what we are doing with our values and beliefs.

Learning:  Pledging to create meaningful, challenging growth that results in student success.

Every student deserves to grow academically and developmentally.  We commit to make that relevant in their time in Princeton Public Schools.

Respect:  Listening to accepting, and valuing each individual in the school district and community.

In a community such as ours, there is a lot of “sameness”, and it is sometimes difficult for us all to openly consider the differences in our world, as well as in our community.  It is our belief that we must foster respect for all, and we will help our students to see a broader view that is accepting and respectful.

I am so excited to roll out these Core Values to our staff and community.  Some people have said that they are just common sense.  Indeed, perhaps they are.  However, having a formal list that we adhere to following, will help our district to nurture our students, as we guide them to adulthood.  

Wishing our community the best,

Julia A. Espe, Ed. D.