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Letter from the Superintendent

posted Mar 14, 2016, 6:37 AM by Kari Osborne   [ updated Apr 4, 2016, 6:22 AM by CEL Marketing PR Design ]

Strategic Plan Goal #2

Prepare 21st Century Students to be Career and College Ready

February 28, 2016

Dear Princeton Community,

I have been writing the past few months about a Strategic Plan. The School Board has approved the Mission, Vision and Core Values.  Over the next few meetings, we will be presenting the associated goals and action plans, and hope to have approval in the next few weeks.

Here are the draft goals:

  • Provide personalized instruction for every student,

  • Prepare 21st Century students to be career and college ready,

  • Implement innovative programming,

  • Guarantee creative and relevant digital learning opportunities,

  • Improve communication with staff, parents, business and community partners in order to maximize student success.

My article today is the second of five articles, to tell you about each of our goals.

The last time, I wrote about goal one in our Strategic Plan:  Provide personalized instruction for every student.  This time, I am writing about the second goal:  Prepare 21st Century students to be career and college ready.

Prepare 21st Century Students to be Career and College Ready

There are three parts to this goal:

  • Identify and articulate new skills necessary for college and career with staff and community.

  • Generate opportunities for students to learn about civic literacy, financial literacy, entrepreneurial literacy, health literacy, information literacy, media literacy and environmental literacy.

  • Students display the life and career skills of self-direction, flexibility, adaptability, cross-cultural awareness, responsibility, productivity and accountability.

Identify and Articulate New Skills Necessary for College and Career with Staff and Community

The first step of this goal is to identify skills required to be successful in college and career.  This will involve studying research to ascertain essential skills, as well as talking to the students, staff and community.

Another action step will be to do an audit to ascertain if all of the identified 21st Century skills are indeed embedded in the Minnesota Content Standards.

Generate Opportunities for Students to Learn about Civic Literacy, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurial Literacy, Health Literacy, Information Literacy, Media Literacy and Environmental Literacy

The action steps for this include developing a scope and sequence for 21st century themes that are not found in the Minnesota Content Standards and to create capstone activities for students to display their 21st century skills in 5th, 8th, and 12th grade.

Students Display the Life and Career Skills of Self-Direction, Flexibility, Adaptability, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Responsibility, Productivity and Accountability

This objective involves these action steps:  

  • Assess students in the identified 21st century life and career skills,

  • Develop rubrics to describe these traits,

  • Educate staff, families, and communities about these traits and how to enhance them, and

  • Community works together to assist students’ work in developing or improving these traits.  

One of the most important jobs we have, as PreK-12 educators, is to prepare our students for the future.  We are in a new century, full of promises.  Jobs that are in existence now may or may not be relevant in the future.  Future jobs are, for the most part, unknown.  What direction we take with our students is critical to their success.  As you can see, from the plan above, we need our Princeton area community to help us to blaze this trail.  Our children are our future.  Let’s work together to benefit them.


Julia Espe

Superintendent, Princeton Public Schools