College Visits

College Visits
How can I find out if a college is the correct choice for me?

One of the best ways to see if a college you are considering is a good choice for you is to visit the campus. Plan your visit for an ordinary weekday, if possible. Once you have narrowed your choices, arrange to visit each campus and ask questions that will assist you in decision making. There are many factors to consider in selecting the right college, so you should make a checklist to take along on these visits. The list should include prior arrangements, the actual visit and the follow-up.

Juniors and Seniors planning to visit a college must complete a college visit form found in the Career Center and the Main Office. In order for the college visit to be counted as a school excused absence, the form must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the office 24 hours prior to the visit. Juniors are allowed one and Seniors are allowed two school excused college visit days.

Prior Arrangements for College Visits
· Call or write the admission office for an appointment. (The Career Center has contact info for the colleges)
· Arrange the visit as early as possible.
· Arrange for an interview if the college recommends it.
· Ask for a conducted tour.
· Ask to talk with students who are majoring in your career area.
· Request literature about the college and your career field and read it BEFORE the visit.

The Visit Checklist
· Meet with an admission counselor, have the counselor sign your college visit form.
· Verify admission requirements
· Determine actual college costs; meet with a financial aid advisor if possible
· Take a campus tour
· Attend a class and/or meet with a professor in your academic area
· Talk with students and faculty
· Determine your chances for success: admission, graduation and placement

· Complete college admission paperwork by the recommended deadline
· Follow guidelines listed in the college application process

Checklist For A College Visit

___Meet with an Admission Counselor

___Take a campus tour

___Verify admission requirements

___Meet with a professor in your academic program

___Attend a class

___Talk with students and faculty

___Determine actual college costs

___Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor

___Determine your chances for success: admission, graduation, and placement.

Suggested Questions To Ask A College Representative
· Do you have an enrollment deadline?
· What criteria do you use for acceptance?
· Do I need to take an admissions exam?
· When may I tour the campus?
· What majors/programs do you offer?
· What is the average length of your programs?
· What percent of students who enroll graduate?
· Do you have any international programs?
· Will I have an advisor to help me with scheduling?
· Is tutoring available?
Financial Aid
· What financial aid is available?
· How do I apply?
· Do you have a financial aid deadline?
· Are there any scholarships available through your college?
· What is the total cost of tuition, books, etc. for the program I’m interested in?
Career Services
· What type of job placement assistance do you offer?
· Do you offer part-time job assistance?
· What is your placement rate?
· What types of jobs are your graduates getting?
Student Life
· What type of housing is available?
· How many students attend your school?
· What is the average class size?
· What are some of the student organizations?