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Welcome Back_Primary

Welcome Princeton Primary Students and Parents! 

     Each of us (parents and staff) has an important role in your child’s development and we are committed to working closely with you. We also welcome      parents and family members as volunteers!

     Remember, school starts at 8:20am and students are dismissed at 3:15pm. Be sure to call your child’s teacher as soon as possible if your child is      absent or has an appointment. 

     What do you need to bring to school this year? Access the supply list here.

     Visitors To ensure the safety of our students, all visitors must report to the office to receive a visitor badge. You will need your state issued ID to         sign in. All doors will be locked during the school hours. Attendance Please call the office or your child’s teacher as soon as possible if your child is         absent or has an appointment. 

     Attendance is taken before 8:50am. If you have not called the school to report the absence, the school will attempt to call you to verify your child’s      absence.                        

     Office line: 763-389-6901. Office hours are 7:30am – 4:00pm.

    Lunch Prices* 

  • Student lunch is $2.20 
  • Snack Milk is $.40 
  • Adult lunch is $3.75 
  • Student breakfast is $1.40 
  • Extra Milk is $.40 

     You can view your child’s lunch account by logging in to SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS. If you have questions about your Skyward password, please call the office. 

    *Breakfast is FREE for all Kindergarten students.

    Morning Arrivals: Children should not report to school before 8:00am. School starts at 8:20 and it is important for students to arrive on time. In         the morning, if you are dropping off your child and not coming in to the building, drive up to the sidewalk next to the main entrance (west side of the         Primary School). This is a stop-and-go area only. Please do not drop your child off so that he/she has to cross against moving cars without the             assistance of an adult. If you would like to come in the building, use the designated parking lot. The buses drop students off in the back of the main         building (east side). This bus loop is separate from the parent and staff parking lot. Parents should not use the back bus loop. 

    End of the day Pick Up: If you generally pick up your child at the end of the day, you have two options: 

    1. Use the curbside pick up, in which case you will need to have a car visor pass attached to your vehicle and visible to school staff. Visor passes are     available by contacting the Princeton Primary office. There are three lanes of traffic that connect the Primary and Intermediate Schools. Use the lane     closest to the Primary School when doing curbside pick up for our building. 


    2. Park your car, come inside the building, and pick your child up in the cafeteria. Initially, you will need to show some type of photo identification             when picking up your child in the cafeteria. 

    Changes to Your Student’s Transportation Routine: If your child will have any changes in his/her dismissal routine (for example, your child      will be picked up instead of riding the usual bus or will take a different bus), you must provide a written note or a phone call indicating what the             change will be. If we do not receive one or the other, your child will be dismissed according to their routine. 

    Release of Child during School Hours When you wish to pick up your child during school hours, it is necessary to report to the office. The         following procedure will be followed: 

  1. Sign a log indicating who you are and which child you are picking up. 
  2. Your child will be called to the office or parent/parent-approved person will be given a pass to go to the classroom to pick up the child. They should have the teacher initial the pass and return the pass to the office. 
  3. If you must pick up your child before the end of the day dismissal, it is important that you do so before 3:00 p.m. Those wishing to pick up students after 3:00 p.m. will need to go through the regular dismissal process at the end of the day.