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About Princeton Online Academy

Princeton Online Academy is a program certified by the Minnesota Department of Education to offer online learning courses to students in grades 3-12 at no cost to the student.  The courses offer rigorous, comprehensive learning in a flexible virtual setting.  

Is Online Learning Right for Your Child?
To ensure academic success in online education, your child should have:
  • Maturity to complete tasks with little supervision from the class instructor
  • Motivation to complete work alone when you are not around
  • Time management skills to study and complete assignments
  • Technology skills required to take an online course
  • Students who are more successful in an online program are those who:
  • Have completed homework on a consistent basis in a traditional classroom setting
  • Have encouraging supervision at home
  • Have a positive attitude about school
  • Are conscientious and persistent in accomplishing goals 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why take online learning classes?
There are many reasons students take advantage of online learning. Students who are successful in an online learning program have qualities such as self-directedness, self-discipline, strong organizational skills and taking responsibility for their learning.  Students need to be able to pace themselves and stay on task to complete their coursework.  In online coursework, students can expect to read and write extensively.   

Who is eligible to enroll in a Princeton Online Academy course?
Any student in grades 3-12 that is a Minnesota resident is eligible.  Students can choose to attend full time in the comprehensive program or take supplemental courses paired with their coursework in their local high school.  

Is online learning right for me or my student?
Take the online self assessment here!

My child does not have a computer.  Does the school provide one?
Yes.  Any student can use a district provided Chromebook after parent/guardian signs a Device Use Agreement.  New for 2016 the family can choose to purchase a protection plan for $40, put the Chromebook on their personal insurance, or waive this fee and agree to pay for any loss or damage to the Chromebook while it is in the student's possession.  Click here to view the agreement.  Agreement must be signed before Chromebook will be given to student.
Note: If family qualifies for free & reduced lunches, protection fee may be waived.

How many courses can a student take through online learning?
Full-time online learning students are limited to a maximum of 15 trimester courses a year. Students seeking supplements to local course offerings may take up to 50 percent of a full schedule of courses per term at their enrolling district.  If taking supplemental courses, the student should meet with their local guidance counselor to adjust their schedule so they do not exceed the maximum number allowed.  

How does online learning work?
All coursework will be completed online with support from licensed teachers and families.  Courses are available 24/7.  When the student logs into their courses, their learning begins.  Licensed teachers are available to answer questions when students need help.  Students enrolled at Princeton Online Academy complete all of their school work online with the support of parents, families and licensed teachers.  By working online, students and families have flexibility as to when the learning occurs.  By taking online courses students can study where, how and when they want.  Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Once students login, their learning begins.  Licensed teachers are also available to guide lesson pacing, answer questions, or help when students get stuck.  

What are the costs to enroll in the Princeton Online Academy?
Princeton Online Academy is a free, public school.  There are no costs for enrollment.  Princeton Online Academy receives funding from the State to offer this educational opportunity to students, just as if they are attending a traditional school setting.  

What other costs are there to attend Princeton Online Academy? Do I need my own device?
After enrollment is completed, students will receive a device on loan from the Princeton School District for use while in the program.  Students need an Internet connection to access their coursework, and to complete and submit assignments. Internet access is the responsibility of the students and family, whether it be at home, library, Princeton Online Academy learning lab, or other locations.

How do I connect with my teachers when I need help?
Teachers are accessible in a variety of ways.  Teachers have weekly office hours posted where students and parents can connect virtually, by phone, or via email.  Additionally, you can email a teacher if you have questions, need clarification, or just need some extra help.

Do students need to come to the Princeton to attend classes?
Students enrolled in the Princeton Online Academy will have access to an on-site learning lab, but are not required to attend in person as all coursework is available virtually.  Students are required to take state mandated testing in the spring, and Princeton Online Academy will make every effort to find a physical testing location that works for each student.  

Can my student participate in sports and activities?
Full-time Princeton Online Academy students are welcome to participate in sports and/or activities offered through Princeton Public Schools.  

How do I register and enroll in an online course?
Follow the instructions on the Enroll Now page of the website for a description of the enrollment process.  

Do the courses meet standards for high school graduation in Minnesota?
Yes, all courses meet the MN academic standards.  In addition, all teachers are licensed MN teachers.

Can a student with a disability enroll in Princeton Online Academy?
Yes, a student with an individualized education program (IEP) may enroll in online learning.  A Special Education case manager will be assigned to coordinate and provide education services.