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Enroll in Princeton Online Academy

Enrollment Options:

Supplemental (Part-Time) Enrollment
As part of the Minnesota Online Learning Options Act, students can take supplemental (part-time) online classes while remaining enrolled at their home district.  This option is at not cost to the student or family.  A portion of the student's state funding is transferred from the enrolling school district to the online supplemental provider.

Students can take one class or more (up to 50% of their full-time schedule) with an approved online provider.  Credits from approved online providers transfer to enrolling districts per the agreement signed prior to the start of a supplemental online class.  Enrolling schools can ask approved online providers for course syllabi to ensure that state standards are met in specific courses.  

Comprehensive (Full-Time) Enrollment
If you choose to enroll as a full-time (comprehensive) student at Princeton Online Academy, you will leave the school you currently attend, take a full class schedule with Princeton Online Academy, and pursue your high school diploma.  All full-time students must meet graduation criteria to receive their high school diploma.  

Step 1: Is online school right for you? 

Take our self-assessment.  If you answered 'yes' to more than half of the questions, Princeton Online Academy may be for you!

Step 2: Determine if you are eligible?

Students applying to Princeton Online Academy must be a legal Minnesota resident and in grades 3-12.

Step 3: Submit an Enrollment Packet

Download the packet HERE.

Step 4: Get Approved for Enrollment

We will contact you shortly after we have received your application to confirm your acceptance status and registered courses.

Step 5: You are ready to begin!

Visit the 'For Students' tab for resources, tutorials and log in information.