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Attendance Policy

Princeton Online Academy Attendance Policy

Attendance is required of all students enrolled in Princeton Online Academy.  In a traditional school, this is a straightforward process of counting the students in the classroom.  At the Princeton Online Academy, attendance is measured more by demonstrated progression through lessons, as well as time logged.  

Princeton Online Academy recognizes that the responsibility for student attendance belongs to the students and their parents/guardians in a partnership for overall communication and learning.  The different responsibilities are as follows: 

Student's Responsibilities
  • Students make adequate weekly progress (an increase of 8-10% or more per course per week).
  • Students communicate questions, computer problems, and school struggles with their school counselor.
  • Students attend all required in-person testing days in required locations.  
Parents/Guardian's Responsibilities
  • Parents/guardians ensure that the student is making adequate weekly progress.
  • Parents/guardians provide the student with access to the necessary tools for student success.
  • Parents/guardians inform the school in the event of an excusable student absence.
  • Parents/guardians work cooperatively with the school and the student to solve any attendance problems that may arise and take an active role in supporting the student in course completion.
Princeton Online Academy's Responsibilities
  • The school will monitor attendance, maintain accurate attendance records and apply attendance policies uniformly.
  • The school will provide reports to parents and students concerning progress and inform students and parents/guardians of any attendance issues. 
  • The school will work cooperatively with students and their parents/guardians to resolve any attendance problems that may arise.
Click HERE to link to the Student and Family Handbook which outlines the attendance policy and definitions in detail.