Together, we are Tiger STRONG
Together, we are Tiger STRONG
Together, we are Tiger STRONG

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In Princeton Public Schools, we instill strong values within our students—from preschool through graduation. This month  I want to highlight ‘Empathetic Citizenship,’ one of the five tenets of our Habits of a Tiger. We teach our Tigers to show respect to others and themselves, to be kind and compassionate, to be socially aware and tolerant of differences, and to empathize with the challenges that others may face. We want Princeton to be a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone feels safe. We will not tolerate racial discrimination, bullying or acts of hate.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen terrible stories of racism during high school sporting events in the Twin Cities. The Athletic Directors in the Mississippi 8 have met and talked about how we can protect our students from that ugly behavior. We are setting high expectations that all fans and students demonstrate respect for difference, participate in only positive cheers and chanting, and practice good sportsmanship in games and contests.

In Princeton, we believe that everyone has the capacity to grow and learn and we know that all of our Tigers are capable of being positive leaders—no matter their age. Let’s be respectful, kind and compassionate to all.

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