Spanish Immersion


Unique in Central Minnesota, Princeton Public Schools offers a Spanish Immersion option as a school-within-a-school at the Primary, Intermediate, and Middle School.

Families may choose to enroll their students into the Princeton Spanish Immersion Program in kindergarten or first grade. The program continues through Middle School. We welcome open enrollment students from other districts in our Spanish Immersion program. Students are immersed in the Spanish language and culture throughout their day, with native Spanish-speaking teachers. The curriculum aligns with Minnesota State Standards and mirrors our English curriculum in math, science, reading, writing and other themes. Immersion means that teachers communicate only in Spanish while teaching students. For young children, learning Spanish is just like learning other vocabulary as their young brains are in the prime development for language acquisition.

Why Enroll in Spanish Immersion?

Better academic and linguistic performances in English and Spanish

Enhances learning capacity for life

Physically engages brain development and offers cognitive advantages

Expands world view


Key Components

  • Spanish Immersion programming is full day for students in grades K-5. Middle school programming is 2 periods per day.
  • All classroom instruction is conducted in Spanish. Students learn to read, write and speak in Spanish, as well as learn math, social studies and science, and begin to develop an understanding of Hispanic cultures
  • Specialists (Art, Music, Science, Technology, Physical Education) are taught in English.
  • The Princeton Immersion Program is considered a “90/10” Model.
    90/10: An immersion program model in which students are instructed approximately 90% of the time in Spanish and 10% in English in early grades, with the amount of English instruction gradually increasing each year until English and Spanish are balanced 50/50 by 5th grade.
  • Direct instruction in English will begin in third grade.
  • The curriculum parallels the district's English curriculum in all subjects.
  • Students do best when families make a long term commitment to the program and students can work toward a high level of Spanish proficiency.

Program Goal: Students will graduate from high school with a Minnesota Platinum Language Seal (equaling 4 semesters of college credit in the MNSCU system)


of Princeton Primary School parents would recommend Princeton Primary School to their friends and neighbors.
Spanish Immersion Kindergarten students


  • Enhances learning capacity for life
  • Better academic and linguistic performance in both languages

  • Cognitive advantages - physically engages brain development

  • Increases career and social opportunities

  • Expands world view

  • Optimizes attendance at colleges and universities

  • Improves English language skills

Spanish Immersion: Is This a Good Fit for My Child?

  • Early Childhood Screening completed.
  • School reviews screenings and determines if additional assessments are needed.
  • Need to be enrolled as a full time student.

  • Students learn Spanish by hearing it directly from a fluent Spanish speaker. To help support this, students need to be in class.
    • No more than 25% of the student's day is outside the SI classroom.
  • Native Spanish speakers are eligible for the program; it's a great way to continue proficiency in both languages.



Program Admission Procedures

  • Students must begin the Spanish Immersion school program in Kindergarten or 1st grade.
  • Begin Enrollment by creating a family account in Skyward. (See our detailed instructions here.) 
  • For more information about grades K-2 call Princeton Primary 763-389-6901 and for grades 3-5 call Princeton Intermediate 763-389-6801.
  • General Assurances:
    • Princeton Public Schools will provide a fair and open process for enrolling students in the Spanish Immersion Program.
    • The number of students admitted each year is determined by District Administration.
    • We accept students from any Minnesota school district. If you reside out of Princeton Public Schools please start by filling out our Open Enroll form and returning it to Princeton Primary School.


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