Family Access Help

Each fall, the school district asks families to verify their student and family information in Family Access.  This is referred to as "Back to School Forms" and contains annual forms that each school needs to have completed each fall, including:

  • Verify or update family address, phone numbers, and emergency contacts
  • Application for Educational Benefits
  • Responsible Use Agreement
  • Residency Questionnaire (to determine benefits under McKinney-Vento)
  • Field Trip Form (grades K-8)
  • Handbook Form
  • Bus Handbook Form

This process needs to be completed before a student's schedule will be unlocked in Family Access.  Note: each school releases teacher assignments and schedules at different times; refer to each school's principal letter on our Back to School page for more information.


Please read through this information for the most commonly asked questions about the "Back to School Forms" in Family Access.

  • The "Back to School Forms" and Family Access view best using a computer, laptop or tablet.  You may use a mobile device but you may have to scroll down a lot to find the "save" button on each step.
  • Every step has either a "complete this step" button. You must click this on every step for it to "count" even if you are not required to fill out the form.
  • As you move through and save each step you will see a green checkbox on the right side menu.
  • Once you have green checkmarks next to every step, you must hit the SUBMIT BACK TO SCHOOL FORMS button on the last step for us to receive your information.  If you are unable to submit, review each step to make sure you see the green checkmark--most of the time there is a step that was missed.
  • If you've submitted your info and still can't see your child's schedule, then your school may not have published schedules yet. Refer to your school's principal letter on our Back to School page for more information.
Password Help

First, make sure you are using your Family Access user name, not your student's Skyward login.  Family Access user names consist of the first 5 character's of the guardian's last name, the first three characters of the guardian's first name, then three numbers (usually 000).  Example: CLAUSSAN000

If your last name has less than 5 characters, insert one space for each character to equal five total characters. Example: JOHN JAN000

If you cannot remember your password, click the "forgot password" link on the Skyward login page. This will generate an email to reset your password to get you logged back in.

If you know your user name and password but still cannot log in, check the "login area" dropdown and make sure you are selecting Family/Student Access on the Skyward login page. If you are trying to log in to the "New Student Enrollment Portal" or "Secured Access", your username may not work.

Finally, if none of these options work, please contact your child's school or email us at welcome@isd477.org and we will respond as soon as possible.

Need a computer or internet to complete registration? All district buildings have devices available during business hours. Or, here is a list of area libraries with computers available.

Family Access Steps

Step 1Log in to Family Access

  • All legal guardians have the ability to login to Skyward Family Access.
  • Your login is the same that you use to view lunch accounts, busing information, and other student-related information.
  • Forgot or don't know your login? Click "Forgot your Login/Password" and provide the email you've provided to the school district.
  • Still unsure? Please email welcome@isd477.org for assistance! We will get back to you within 1 business day.
Screen shot of login screen for Skyward Family Access

Step 2 Click on "Back to School Forms"

  • On the left, click the "Back to School Forms" button.
  • Select a student below the welcome message to start. Note: you will need to complete these steps for each enrolled student in your family.
Skyward screenshot step 1


Step 3Complete registration steps.

There are 7 steps to complete back to school forms:

  • Verify Student Information
  • Food Service Application (optional)
  • Program Status Form
  • Residency Questionnaire
  • Responsible Use Agreement
  • Handbook Review
  • Field Trip form (grades K-8)
  • Bus Handbook Review
Skyward screenshot step 2


STEP 4 Complete registration steps.

As you navigate through each step, it is essential that you click "Complete this Step" at the bottom of each step, regardless of whether you edit info or fill out an optional form.

You will see a green checkbox as you complete each step. Each step needs to complete before you can submit.

Skyward screenshot step 3


Step 5Submit Online Registration.

  • The final step summarizes your changes, and confirms the forms you have completed.
  • Make sure each step has a green check box. If any steps don't have a green checkbox, refer to Step 4 above.
  • You can either Submit your Back to School Forms, or
  • Finish later if you are not ready to submit.
    • To resume, simply log back into Family Access and click on "Back to School Forms" to pick up where you left off.
Screen shot of final registration screen, inviting family to either submit or finish online registration later.

Once you have completed your Back to School Forms, you can return to the Back to School page to view more information to get your child ready for school!

Device Protection Fees in Family Access

Your device protect fee covers accidental damage to your child's chromebook, but does not cover lost or stolen devices/chargers. The cost is $30 per student, capped at $60 per family for the school year. The fee is waived if you qualify for free/reduced meals.

To pay for this optional cover:

  1. Click on Fee Management in Family Access.
  2. In Fee Management, click "Add a Fee" next to child's name.
  3. Click the "add" button next to the Device Protection option.
    1. Note: you need to "add" the fee regardless of free/reduced status; system will change the fee amount as necessary at checkout.
  4. Click back, and repeat step 3 for each student needing Device Protection, until each applicable child has a fee listed.
    1. Note: you need to "add" the fee for each student needing protection; system will cap the family fee at $60 at checkout.
  5. When all children have the fee added, select "Make a Payment" and you will be transferred to RevTrak to complete your payment.

Click here to download this information with screenshots.