Off-Campus Broadband Opportunities

Princeton Public Schools believes strongly in using digital tools for learning. As we increase technology access for students with 1:1 devices, we know that many of our families do not have affordable access to broadband Internet at home. To support our students outside of the school day, ISD 477 will begin providing Mobile Wifi Hotspots for checkout from our secondary school media centers. Funding for the Wifi Hotspots has been successfully secured through a $45,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Education (Press release & Union Eagle article) and will be used over three years, 2016-2019.

How do I checkout the Wifi Hotspot?

You can check out a Wifi Hotspot from the media center. Wifi Hotspots can be checked out for up to five (5) days at a time. We know that we have more students without access to broadband at home than Wifi Hotspots, and will adjust this timeline to best fit the instructional needs. Any device connecting to or using data on a Wifi Hotspot must agree and abide by ISD 477’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (524).

What content is filtered?

The Internet filters on Wifi Hotspots are in place to protect students from inappropriate, offensive and obscene content. On top of our general Internet filters (outlined below), Hotspots have limited cellular data capacities and will not access websites that stream video, audio, update apps or other data-heavy sites. Read more on ISD 477 Internet Filtering.

How much data do I have?

Data is capped at 250Mb per day, with a 1000Mb per month limit on each Wifi Hotspot. General use of a Hotspot for coursework should not reach the daily limits.

How do I get help connecting and using the Hotspot?

Stop by your media center or call the Instructional Technology Team at 389-6166. You can always check the status of your Hotspot at , or find information on the Quick Start Guide inserted in the Hotspot case.

Will the Wifi Hotspot work at my house?

Wifi Hotspots use cellular data on the Verizon Mobile 4G network. Please check Verizon’s coverage map: Link here.

Does the Hotspot turn off at night?

The cellular service goes to sleep from 11pm-5am every night. Our students should too.