Transportation Request

Effective July 1, 2019 families can access the Transportation Request Form in Skyward Family Access. Please read through this page for instructions to help you complete this form. When you are ready, please click Skyward at the top of this page to log into Skyward Family Access!

Step 1Log in to Family Access

  • All legal guardians have the ability to login to Skyward Family Access.
  • Your login is the same that you use to view lunch accounts, busing information, and other student-related information.
  • Forgot or don't know your login? Click "Forgot your Login/Password" and provide the email you've provided to the school district.
  • Still unsure? Simply email for assistance! We will get back to you within 1 business day.
Screen shot of login screen for Skyward Family Access

Step 2 Click on "Fill out Online Form"

  • Remember, you only need to complete this form if:
    • You have a new address for bus pickup or drop-off
    • You need to add or remove bus riders
    • If you have open enrolled and need a new route
  • Once you have read the District Message, click the Transportation Request Form on the right side menu.

Screen shot showing the location of the Busing Form in Family Access, which is found under Online forms.

Step 3Complete Step 1 of Transportation Form

  • You will need to complete this form for each student in the family needing transportation.
  • Enter your primary address which will be the pick up and drop-off location.
    • If you have a different pick up or drop-off address, please scroll to Step 2.
    • If you live outside the Princeton School District boundaries, scroll to Step 3 to view community stops.

Step 4Fill out an additional Steps.

  • Step 2 allows you to input an alternate address for busing services, such as a daycare or another guardian. Please only fill out as needed.
  • Step 3 lists the community hubs available in Milaca, Pease, Zimmerman and Cambridge. Please select a location from the drop down menu (only if open enrolled).
  • Step 4 allows you to send Palmer Bus any relevant health information. This is not required, but it may be helpful should your child have a medical emergency while riding the bus. Please note this information is only available to managers at Palmer Bus, and it kept confidential.
  • Then, indicate the date you'd like busing to begin, then type the parent/guardian name in the Signature field with today's date.
Screen shot showing where to input alternate address, community hub locations, and where to fill in health info.

Step 5Submit your Form.

  • Once you are complete, please scroll to the top of the form, and click "Next Step".
  • The next window will allow you to click "Submit Transportation Request Form".
  • You are done! If you need to change this form at any time, you may log back into Family Access and repeat these steps.
Screen shot showing the submit form button.