Flexible Learning Days

At Princeton Public Schools we believe that learning can and should occur anywhere. With that in mind, we are introducing the concept of flexible learning days. Flexible learning days mean that school can be in session without students and staff being physically present at the school. Days may be planned in advance and take place in the event of an unscheduled school closure, redefining the meaning of a “snow day”. Flexible learning days may also be used to make up previously-cancelled days.

Thanks to our recent 1:1 rollout and widespread access to internet in our district, our teachers and students grades 6-12 have the ability to interact with one another in an online environment to share lessons, answer questions, and guide learning. We understand some of our students do not have access to reliable internet. Because of this all assignments given on flexible learning days will have flexible due dates. Teachers will be available both the day of and the week following a flexible learning day to help students with their assignments and questions. Students in PreK - grade 5 will have pre-planned activities sent home prior to any flexible learning day.

Flexible Learning Plan for PreK-5

  • Teachers will send home the flex learning menus prior to flexible learning days.
  • On flexible learning days teachers will be available by email from 10am-2pm for any questions.
  • Work assigned on flex learning menus will be a review of work already covered in class.
  • Completion of the flexible learning menu is due one week following the flexible learning day.
  • Students/Families will complete and cross off one item under each category on the flexible learning menu.
  • Students will return the tracking sheet or menu with parent signature to school.
  • Flexible learning menus are linked below for families that need another copy.

Flexible Learning Plan for GRADES 6-12 and Online Academy

  • Teachers will post assignments in Schoology or Google Classroom by 10:00am on the Flexible Learning Day.
  • Students have been given directions in class on where and how to access these assignments.
  • Students will have approximately 15-20 minutes of work to complete for each class and are expected to access work for each class on their schedule during a flexible learning day.
  • Flexible learning day assignments are due one week following the flexible learning day.
  • Teachers will be available by school email from 10:00am - 2:00pm to answer any questions.
  • Students taking courses through Princeton Online Academy are expected to continue their work as usual. No extensions will be made for online courses as flexibility is already built in to the courses.

Flex Learning Plans for 2019-2020 Coming Soon!


  • Ms. Carrie
  • Ms. Heather
  • Ms. Crissy
  • Ms. JoEllen
  • Carrot Class
  • Ms. Kathy
  • Ms. Kelsie
  • Ms. Kenzie
  • Ms. Kit
  • Ms. Mari
  • Ms. Micki
  • Ms. Nancy
  • Ms. Tiffany

Primary School

  • Kindergarten Flexible Learning Plan
  • Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Flexible Learning Plan
  • 1st Grade Flexible Learning Plan
  • Spanish Immersion 1st Grade Flexible Learning Plan
  • 2nd Grade Flexible Learning Plan
  • Spanish Immersion 2nd Grade Flexible Learning Plan
  • Specialist Flexible Learning Plan
  • PS Flex Learning Day Recording Sheet

Intermediate School

  • 3rd Grade Flex Learning Menu
  • 4th Grade Green Pod Flex Learning Menu
  • 4th Grade Orange Pod Flex Learning Menu
  • 4th Grade Mrs. Schmatz and Mrs. Johnson Flex Learning Menu
  • 5th Grade Flex Learning Menu
  • Specialist Flex Learning Menu
  • Flex Learning Menu Recording Sheet for all grades
Special Education Menus
  • Mrs. Fritz/Mrs Smith Flex Learning Menu
  • Ms. Johnson's Flex Learning Day
  • Mrs. Walquist's Flex Learning Day Menu
  • Mrs. Girtz's Flex Learning Day Menu