Spanish Immersion

Princeton's Spanish Immersion program runs from Preschool through fourth Grade. For the 2019-20 school year, our Spanish Immersion program is available for Preschool (age 4 by Sept. 1) through 4rd grade. We welcome students from other areas to open enroll in our Spanish Immersion school. In the school, students are immersed in Spanish while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curriculum. Immersion means that teachers communicate only in Spanish while teaching students.

Benefits of Learning Two Languages

  • Enhances learning capacity for life
  • Better academic and linguistic performance in both languages
  • Cognitive advantages - physically engages brain development
  • Increases career and social opportunities
  • Expands world view
  • Optimizes attendance at colleges and universities
  • Improves English language skills

Key Components

  • Partial day program in pre-k, full day program in k - 4th grade. The second language is the language of instruction for all classroom instruction
  • The curriculum parallels the district curriculum in all subjects
  • Students will be taught to read in the second language until third grade, at that time, there is direct instruction in English for reading in English
  • We will be adding additional grade levels each year as students advance to later grades
  • Students will continue to be taught the other subjects in the second language through fifth grade
  • Families are requested to make at least a 5 year commitment to the program

Spanish Immersion Program Admission Procedures

  • Princeton Public Schools offers a Spanish Immersion program where students learn Spanish as a second language through immersion. Because of the program’s structure, students must begin the Spanish Immersion program in Pre-K, Kindergarten or possibly 1st grade, if room is available. All classroom instruction is conducted in Spanish. Students learn to read, write and speak in Spanish, as well as learn math, social studies and science, and begin to develop an understanding of Hispanic cultures.
  • For more information about grades K-2 call Princeton Primary 763-389-6901 and Preschool call Hand in Hand Preschool 763-389-6168 and for grades 3-4 call Princeton Intermediate 763-389-6801.
  • Admissions Procedure: Princeton Public Schools Spanish Immersion Program
  • General Assumptions
    • Princeton Public Schools will provide a fair and open process for enrolling students in the Spanish Immersion Program.
    • The number of students admitted each year is determined by District Administration.
    • Any family registering after February 15th 2019 or after the program slots are filled will be placed on the waiting list according to registration date.


Did you know that he Princeton Spanish Immersion Program partners with the Amity Institute to provide Amity Teaching Interns in our Immersion Programming? The Teaching Interns come from a Spanish-speaking country to work in a school in the United States. The Interns have varied educational backgrounds and will work in the school for approximately 32 hours a week and play a flexible role in the classrooms. The Teaching Interns participate in a wide variety of activities such as observing classroom and school culture, assisting the teacher with lessons/group work, conducting cultural presentations, and developing materials for student instruction.

As part of their experience, Interns live with a local host family. Next school year, the Teaching Interns will be here from the end of August 2019 until the beginning of June 2020 and we are currently seeking families who would be interested in hosting. The requirements are:
  1. Families must host for a minimum of 9 weeks, one semester, or for the entire stay.
  2. Intern must have their own bedroom.
  3. Internet access is highly desirable because the Intern may do a lot of communication with family and friends via Skype.
  4. Family will provide meals (lunch will be provided by the school).
  5. Transportation to and from school (families within ISD 477 can get special permission for international students to ride the school bus).
  6. Create a warm and welcoming environment for the student and provide interesting experiences in and around Minnesota.
If you are interested in being a host family, please call Andrea Preppernau at (763) 389-7271 or email at