Community Engagement Task Force

Thank you for engaging in community discussions about critical issues facing the future of our Princeton Public Schools. Our schools are owned by our community. Your involvement is important to making informed decisions in the future.

On March 27, 2024 dozens of community members gathered to learn about and discuss financial and facilities challenges facing our schools. A summary of that meeting and recommended next steps will be provided here. Please follow the issues and get involved in the discussion.

The Challenges

  • Princeton Public Schools has a revenue problem. We receive $3,000 per student less than the state average. We have stretched funding as far as it will go and provided an outstanding education for students. However, the budget situation is not sustainable.

  • Federal pandemic funding expires this year (-$1.2 million), enrollment is declining (-$600,000), inflation is 3.7%, and our state basic state aid will only increase by 2%. Expenses are growing faster than revenue.

  • We have a $2.5 million structural deficit.

  • There are only four ways school districts can increase revenue:

    • Increase state funding (legislative action)

    • Grow enrollment (birth rates are declining)

    • Gain voter approval of a local referendum 

    • Increase fees, grants, and fundraising (unlike to generate enough)

  • We have long-term facility needs studied by groups in 2013 and 2019, estimated in 2019 at more than $55 million. Costs are increasing.

  • Educational expectations are changing, and our career-technical-vocational spaces are inadequate at present to provide a career-ready workforce.

Get Involved in Finding Solutions

We are asking families, alumni, students, and community members to get involved in finding solutions to complex challenges. As owners of our schools, we hope you will want to learn more and get involved. Please submit questions here. If you'd like to volunteer, please share your contact information.