Home School Enrollment

Home School Families:

The homeschool forms for the 2019-20 school year is now available. Please remember that the information you provide us is mandated by the Minnesota Department of Education. Please submit your forms to the district office no later than October 1, 2019 so that we have time to compile the information that the state requires by its due date. If information is not received, the district must report the Home School as “Not Compliant” in our report to the State.

Click on the appropriate section below. Paperwork can be emailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off in person to:

Princeton Public Schools
Attn: Emily McKinnon
706 1st Street
Princeton, MN 55371
Fax: 763-389-9142
Email: emily.mckinnon@isd477.org

Existing Home School Students

Families must submit a Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction to the superintendent's office in the school district where the parent/legal guardian resides. Do NOT mail to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Complete the information using this form or a written or electronic format of your choice. Information in the Letter of Intent must be submitted by October 1 of each year after a Full Report has been filed in the same district.

If you have moved, you must file a new Full Report.

Fill out an Immunization Form if your child has new immunizations to report since last school year.

New Home School Students

The person or nonpublic school in charge of providing instruction to a child must submit a Full Report to the superintendent of the school district where the child resides.

Information in the Full Report must be submitted:

  • By October 1 of the first school year the student receives instruction
  • Within 15 days of when a parent withdraws a child from public school after age seven to provide instruction in a nonpublic school that is not accredited by a state-recognized accrediting agency
  • Within 15 days of moving out of a district; and by October 1 after a new resident district is established.

Submit the Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction by October 1 in subsequent years.

Reimbursement Information

Parents of students in regular private schools often pay for most of their students’ tuition, and so do homeschooling families. A small amount of financial assistance is available through the Aids to Nonpublic Students program. Original receipts must be received by May 31, 2020 and dated during the fiscal year (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020).

You must meet the following deadlines if you want aid (reimbursement):

By September 15: Request Aids to Nonpublic Students Form from your resident school district.

By October 1: Return Aids to Nonpublic Students Form to your resident school district.

By October 15: Your resident school district submits information to MDE, allowing you to access up to:

$84.92 per eligible pupil for textbooks, standardized tests and individual instructional materials on a loan basis. These funds may now be used for ACT testing. Click here to view eligible expenses as defined by the MN Department of Education: Education Materials Eligible for Acquisition.

$68.89 per eligible student for Pupil Health Services.

$239.53 for Secondary Pupil Guidance and Counseling Services.

By May 31: You must submit all receipts for eligible expenses to the district. Reimbursement will not be made if receipts are received after this date, or if October 1st deadline was missed.

By June 30: District will issue reimbursement checks by mail to eligible families.

Students must be age 5 by September 1 to be eligible for any aid. Unless kindergarteners are in full-day programs, they receive pro-rated half-time funding.