Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning process started in the Spring of 2019 as the district underwent a study of enrollment, class sizes and the assessment of current buildings. Next, the district formed the criteria committee which consisted of district employees, parents, and community members. The criteria committee determined facility issues, which began the next phase: the building options committee. The options committee helped determine which facility issues to move forward with, which was then presented to the school board and most recently, the community.

Please explore the news posts on this page to see all the work that has been completed by the committees. The facility recommendations can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2uaZnwR. You may email any questions or feedback to us at building-plan@isd477.org.

Long Range Planning News

Our Long Range Planning Options Group met December 17 and we had about 30 people attend.  Wold Architects presented a starting draft of some drawings that could potentially solve facility issues that came up from the Criteria Groups.

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My first several months on the job as your Superintendent was spent listening to stakeholders while learning the lay of the land. One area that I have had several discussions about is the facility needs in the district. I have in turn, shared the specifics of these needs with our School Board Long Range Planning Committee.

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View Options Committee Recommendations here:



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Options Committee Members:
  • Jack Edmunds
  • Sue Hix
  • Eldon Johnson
  • Jennifer Super
  • Bill Bahlmann
  • John Borich
  • Eric Dorais
  • Tiffany Elness
  • Kelly Harshman
  • Gayle Harshman
  • Lori Johnstone
  • Sarah Marxhausen
  • Laura Pipenhagen
  • Tom Rush
  • Greg Schmitz
  • Leif Storbakken
  • Jessica Town-Gunderson
  • Jason Van Dyke
  • Joseph Vita
  • Angelo Vita
  • Jacki Voight
  • Kevin Walz
  • Jules Zimmer
  • Erin Dohrmann