Medication Information

Parents/ guardians of students requesting medications to be administered by Health Service personnel during school hours are required to provide:
  1. A written order for the medication from the physician or health care provider for all prescription medications given for any length of time and any over-the-counter medication given longer than two weeks.
  2. A signed parental release. (Forms provided by the school and available in each health office or downloadable on-line).
  3. The medication supplied in the original labeled bottle in which it was purchased. (No baggies or other containers containing medication will be accepted). You may ask your pharmacist to divide into two bottles (with complete labels); one for school and one for home.
  4. The medication sent to school in proper dosage for administration. (Tablets already cut if partial tablets are required to provide the correct dosage.)

Note: students are not allowed to carry their own medication during school hours except in special medical circumstances. In such cases, parent/guardian and medical caregiver signatures are required.

Primary & Intermediate: To assure safety, parents must bring the student’s medication to the school health office or send with a responsible adult. Do not send medication to school with your elementary student.

Middle & High School: To assure safety, parents should bring medication to the school health office or send with a responsible adult. If you are unable to bring medication in person, it is necessary to call the health office in your child’s building with the following information: Parent/guardian name, parent/guardian phone or contact number, student name, name of medication and amount of medication being sent to school. Messages may be left 24 hours a day.

Patient Assistance Programs

  • Xubex Patient Assistance Program 407-671-7960
  • Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Program 1-800-652-6227


If your child is ill, please call the school daily to report the illness. Messages may be left at the following phone numbers 24 hours a day:

  • District Nurse: (763) 389-6195
  • Primary: (763) 389-6901
  • Intermediate: (763) 389-6803
  • Middle School: (763) 389-6723
  • High School: (763) 389-6019

Health Office Fax Numbers:

  • Primary: 763-389-6920
  • Intermediate: 763-389-6850
  • Middle School: 763-389-6737
  • High School: 763-389-5816