Advanced Academic Academy last chance!

We will be running 4 A3 classes this summer.  Please register today.  These are interactive classes with kids as active producers and will be really fun!   


Anything But Ordinary! - Current Grades 2nd-3rd


Do you love to design and create?  Do you love to conduct science experiments?  Do you love to ask questions and try new things?  From designing your own new creature and its habitat to creating bubbles a person could stand inside of to designing and creating your own marble run and video game, this is the class for you!   We will finish our week of exploring and learning with a visit from The Works Museum: Engineering Fun and an Open House event where you can share your creations with your friends and family. In this class the one thing you can expect is the unexpected! Come explore the scientist, artist and engineer in you!!

Nicole Walerius has been a teacher for fifteen years and has taught 3rd grade at the Intermediate School for ten years.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from Northwestern University in Elementary Education and a Minor in Pre Primary and a Masters Degree from St. Mary’s In Teaching and Learning. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this summer as he/she explores and creates.  This class is modeled after a favorite class she herself took many years ago as a 2nd grader and also uses ideas from her own classroom.


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Digital Photography   Photoshop Editing = Digital Art! - Current Grades 6th-8th


The course is designed to learn fundamental photography skills. You'll learn everything you need to know to master the art and craft of great digital photography. You'll become better acquainted with the basic settings of digital cameras and learn how each plays a role in creating great photographs. We will explore many different photographic styles: action, architecture, artistic, macro, nature, scenic, portrait, etc. to help you begin to develop your own unique style. After short walking field trips to locations around Princeton to capture interesting images, we will return to the classroom to learn and apply Photoshop editing skills enhancing, manipulating, and showcasing our best shots. We will be creating a variety of projects with the best photos we take each day, turning them into amazing masterpieces and other creative projects.


Shannon Arens has been a Middle School teacher in Princeton for 28 years. She teaches computer applications and technology and has a passion for photography. She enjoys sports photography, weddings, senior photos, nature photography and scenery, and capturing the joy in simple daily moments.


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Let's Go To Spain! - Current Grades K-2nd


Why stop at learning the Spanish language? Take this chance to learn about Spanish culture, musicians from Spain, painters and more! We will be playing popular Spanish games, making  a mask and lantern, and possibly taking a virtual tour of Spanish sites. This class will be challenging students imagination and we will be improving our Spanish speaking skills. The culture of Spain is rich in experiential learning and you will get a taste of what other countries have to offer.  

(This class is recommended for students in the Princeton Spanish Immersion program but all kids are welcome!)


Carmen Segade is a Kindergarten teacher in Princeton’s Spanish Immersion program. She is a native Spanish speaker from Alcoy,  a city near the Mediterranean coast of Spain. She loves traveling, reading, coloring and having fun with her family.

She is in Princeton with her husband and two boys who are 9 and 11. Her goals for this class are to get the kids to experience the Spanish culture while learning the language and of course to have fun.

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Primary Coding Adventure - Current Grades K-1st


Students will create graphic-visual algorithms (sets of instructions) to move a character through a maze, solve jigsaw puzzles, and write programs using loops.  Students will use iPads along with helping one another to solve problems. Students will have activities that are unplugged (no iPad) to build a marshmallow structure as a foundation.  Students will learn about internet safety and develop a strong foundation in coding.


Lisa Swedzinski is a First Grade Teacher at Princeton Primary School.  She enjoys helping students love to learn by working together to code using plugged and unplugged activities.  She took a class last summer on and is looking forward to helping primary students learn to code.

She enjoys running, swimming and reading.  She is married to Marlo and has a son named Christopher, a daughter named Samantha, and a dog named Eefa.  

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