Audit Report on District Finances

Last month, the School Board received a report from our financial auditors. Contrary to what many people believe about local property taxes, we learned that Princeton Public Schools is among the lowest-spending and lowest-taxing school districts in the state. According to the independent auditors, Princeton receives $2,500 per student less than the state average in general fund revenue. The local property tax effort behind each student is $1,100 less than the state average. 

“We are providing an outstanding education for students,” stated Superintendent Ben Barton. “And we are doing so while spending a lot less per student than average in Minnesota. At some point, we have to ask the question: shouldn’t our Princeton students have the same investment supporting their education that other students in Minnesota receive?”

Princeton Public Schools received a “clean audit” report, and the auditors complimented the District’s financial team on being well-prepared for the audit. The independent auditors reported no findings regarding internal controls, state legal compliance or management of federal funds. The district is fortunate to have a highly skilled and experienced financial team protecting the taxpayers' investments in students and learning. 

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Other News

Over the last four years, our School Boards and Long-term Facilities Planning Committee have been evaluating and planning for our facilities needs. Maintaining our community investment in schools is a fundamental task for school boards.

Building solid relationships is one of our core values. We develop these connections by engaging in our shared purpose with stakeholders, including students, staff, families, community organizations, and the School Board. 

This January, we’ve received more snow than we usually get in an entire winter season. Our elementary students are pretty big fans of it, but we know that our families and staff are less excited about the interruptions a snowfall can bring.