Career Crawl

On Wednesday, November 22nd, the work of our district Learning and Living committee came together during the kickoff of an epic event. Princeton Public School teachers boarded 6 buses and set out to visit local businesses to do a Career Crawl.   Our business partners were well prepared in helping teachers bridge their curriculum and student skill building with the practical application of job skills in our local business community.   The focuses of the field trips were to show how real time life skills are put into action on the showroom floor at Crystal Cabinets, in the HR office at Fairview Northland Hospitals and Clinics, or anywhere in our local businesses.  All 12 businesses hosted a 90-minute session on tying 21st century skills to their current employment needs.  Feedback received from both the business community and the teachers at Princeton Public Schools was overwhelmingly positive.   The value of this event exemplifies the practical application of 21st Century skills and shows the importance of the connections between our local workforce and educational system.   For a short video on career pathways click here.

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