Device, Property & Equipment Collection

Device, Property & Equipment Collection.  Distance learning has been a time of flexibility and accommodation while keeping the health and safety of students, staff and parents a top priority. With this in mind the district has developed an accommodating and flexible plan for the collection of student chromebooks, hotspots and iPads, library books, textbooks, and all other school district property.

To help us maintain social distancing and accommodate a quick drop off process for all, we recommend families drop off devices at the building their child attends on the dates listed below.

On Tuesday, May 26th all buildings will remain open until 7pm for device collection, this is open to all families who are unable to drop off devices during the hours of 8am-3pm on any of the days. 

Each school will contact students with more information as we get closer to the collection dates. 

Friday, May 22nd (8am-3pm)
Seniors at High School

Tuesday, May 26 (7am-7pm)
K-2 at Primary School 
3rd Graders at Intermediate School
6th Graders at Middle School
9th Graders at High School

Wednesday, May 27 (8am-3pm)
4th Graders at Intermediate School
7th Graders at Middle School
10th Graders at High School

Thursday, May 28 (8am-3pm)
5th Graders at Intermediate School
8th Graders at Middle School
11th Graders at High School

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