Congratulations to the Class of '21

Last week, we had the honor of returning to our time-honored tradition of holding an indoor graduation ceremony. With all the pomp and circumstance you’d imagine, we celebrated the members of the Princeton High School Class of 2021. And for the first time in 15 months, our choir had the opportunity to stand before a crowd and sing the National Anthem. It’s great to be back together.

An amazing team of educators and families came together to support our students during an unforgettable year. As Principal Muckenhirn shared during the ceremony, working from home, coming back in person, teaching online and in-person (sometimes at the same time), even teaching from home during quarantine, our high school team was dedicated, and students posted record levels of achievement. We have students who will be graduating with both their Associate’s Degree and their high school diploma after taking full advantage of online and in-person classes through PSEO. The Class of 2021 is also on-pace to post a record-high graduation rate (expected to exceed that of 2020). And we recently received preliminary data that showed a significant increase in high school literacy and reading scores this year.

Finally, this week the Minnesota Department of Education released the Class of 2020 4-year graduation rate for the state, which increased to 83.8%. Our Princeton High School rate was more than ten points higher — 94.5%. Our students faced the crisis of the pandemic with resilience and approached it as an opportunity to excel. We are so proud of them — #PrincetonProud. Please join us in thanking our staff and congratulating our students for all their hard work. 

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