Distinguished Service Award - Patty Kettelhodt

Patty Kettelhodt:  Crystal Cabinet Works

Can-Do Attitude • Caring • Collaborative • Committed to Integrity

Dedicated • Reliable • Responsive

These are words that describe the type of employee desired by Crystal Cabinet Works on the “join our team” page of their website. Not coincidentally, these words are perfect descriptors of our second Distinguished Service Award recipient. Patty Kettelhodt of Crystal Cabinet Works is a strong supporter of success in our public schools. She is also: caring, collaborative, committed to integrity, dedicated, reliable, responsive, and yes, she does have a “can-do attitude”.

Once an employee of Princeton Public Schools, Patty now helps run the Crystal Cabinet Works family business. Regardless in the change of employment status, Patty still tirelessly supports the school district.

Over the past two years alone these are some of the ways in which Crystal Cabinets has supported our success:

  1. Crystal was one of the driving companies in developing and being a site for last year’s Career Crawl.

  2. They have engaged in deep conversation in exploring possibilities around school/business community development of intern and apprenticeships.

  3. Our Intermediate School student visitors have been hosted onsite (field trips) so students are exposed to real-world industry in Princeton.

  4. One of Crystal’s stated passion projects is leadership development. Crystal Cabinet Works has supported development of leadership teams both in Princeton Public Schools and for school systems across the region by sponsoring and hosting our Community of Practice Leadership Academy sessions throughout the school year.

  5. Most recently, Crystal Cabinets has used their talents to craft frames used by our middle school student qualifiers for State History Day competition.

Patty’s support of Princeton Public Schools is unwavering, and is above-and-beyond. For this we want to thank Patty as a 2019 Distinguished Service Award recipient. Thank you Patty!

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