Enroll now in Spanish Immersion!

Princeton Public Schools is now offering a Spanish Immersion program at the preschool through 3rd grade levels and will be adding grades each year through 5th grade. This program is available to families who want their child to have the opportunity to learn a world language in the most effective way possible. New students are welcome to join up through 1st grade.

Studies show that students who learn a second language at an early age: Have enhanced academic and linguistic performance in both languages. 
 Develop flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening. 
 Enhance learning capacity for life. 
 Build skills for future job opportunities; in many career areas, knowing another language will be an important, if not essential, asset. 
 Acquire the ability to communicate with people they otherwise may not have had the chance to know. 
 Become more open to other cultures and understand and appreciate people from other countries.

For Preschool Information call Gwen Anderson - 763-389-6199

For grades K - 2 call Greg Finck - 763-389-6902

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