Enrollment is Growing

Our community is thriving, and with strong schools and businesses, we attract new families into the area. As a result, our enrollment has grown by more than 150 new students this year. To match the increase in students, we’re welcoming new teachers into our Tiger family. Although staffing shortages have hit many school districts across the nation, we are blessed to have a strong pool of high-quality teachers and staff members who apply to Princeton Public Schools. People want to work here, people want to live here, and that’s a great thing. We are committed to keeping our promise of low class sizes, and we’re proud to have accomplished that goal again for the 2022-2023 school year. 

As we continue to expand, we will be looking for additional team members. If you’re interested in becoming a Tiger, please consider applying on our website. We have part-time paid support staff positions that are perfect for people who want to pick up a couple of hours a day helping their community. 

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Other News

Princeton Public Schools recently took advantage of an opportunity to refinance a portion of the district's outstanding debt and generate more than a half-million dollars in savings for taxpayers.

On November 9, 2023, the school district closed on the issuance of $12.51 million in refunding bonds to refinance debt originally issued in 2014. By refinancing and paying off some of the principal early, the district will save an estimated $512,684 in interest payments over the remaining life of the bonds.

Princeton Public Schools is seeking students, families, staff and community members to serve on a district-supported task force to study school start times.