Eric Samuel Timm PAC 9/24/18 6pm

Eric Samuel Timm comes to Princeton for an unforgettable event. 

  • Monday
  • September 24th
  • Princeton Performing Arts Center
  • 6pm 


Students are visual. Youth culture is always changing. Landing a positive message in a sea of noise and
hurt is a difficult challenge.
Eric Samuel Timm rises to this challenge. He’s part artist, part speaker, part author and all passion. These
different elements give Eric the chance to be heard in today’s public school assemblies. He is sought
after for his ability to present truth through art and in ways that are proven to hold the attention of his
audiences, not to mention “laugh out loud” funny. Eric stirs up what lays dormant and leaves students and
teachers inspired. When he speaks, they’ll listen. When he paints, the art will speak louder than words.
Eric resides in Rochester, MN with his wife, Danielle, and sons, Xavier and Zander, and daughter, Zadia.

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