Identification of Students with Disabilities

I am writing to explain your rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) which requires public school districts to identify children in nonpublic schools who have disabilities within its school district’s boundaries.

Should you perceive that your child has a disability and is not making satisfactory academic, social behavioral and/or communicative progress and has a substantial limitation in the areas of learning and communicating, you may seek a screening and evaluation through the public school whose boundaries contain the private school your child attends.  The evaluation will be designed to determine whether or not your child has a disability as defined by special education eligibility criteria in Minnesota Rules (MR) 3525.  For children with disabilities who are found eligible to receive special education services, parents will be invited to participate on a planning team that will review the information and propose services.  The process is as follows:

  1. You will be invited to attend the planning team meeting at the public school.  Representatives from the nonpublic school will be invited to attend also.  The team will review the information presented by your child’s teacher, evaluator and/or other staff.  You will also have an opportunity to share information as you deem appropriate.  The enclosed “Referral Review Form” should be completed and shared with the school district.  This form allows you to provide a complete picture of your child’s strengths and areas of concern and will assist the planning team in developing a comprehensive evaluation plan.
  2. You will receive a written notice of the proposed evaluation for your approval.  This notice requires written permission by the parent prior to the public school conducting the evaluation.
  3. Once written parental permission is received, then the public school special education staff will conduct your child’s evaluation.  You will have an opportunity to provide further information about your child’s needs as a part of the evaluation.
  4. The planning team will complete an Evaluation Summary Report and they will make a decision regarding your child’s eligibility for special education.

Children eligible for special education services under (MR) 3525 will have an Individual Services Plan developed by a planning team of public school special education staff, nonpublic school staff and you.

Please contact the Special Education Coordinator with questions and communications:

Lauren Johnson
Ph: 763-389-6730

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Other News

National Walk and Roll to School Day is on Wednesday, October 4th. This day is meant to raise awareness of road safety around walking/biking students.

Last year we rolled out the Stopfinder App so parents can view information about your student's bus route. We encourage parents whose students ride the bus to download the app.

We are in the third year of running tiered busing schedules for students, and we are committed to evaluating the system this year. This year we will be analyzing pros and cons with teachers, administrators, and the School Board.

A bus ride starts and ends the school day for many of our students, so making it a positive experience for all is something we take very seriously. Our Princeton Habits of a Tiger extend to the school buses, and set the expectations for all bus riders.