Incident Resolution

Student safety is the top priority of the Princeton Public School District.  When the District receives a complaint related to student safety, we investigate immediately and take appropriate action to address any substantiated concerns.  In those rare situations in which a staff member’s conduct creates or contributes to a dangerous situation, the District may take action to end the employment relationship.  In addition, the district would file a report with the Minnesota Department of Education and report to law enforcement.  

The District has received questions about its response to a particular incident.  Although data privacy laws prohibit the District from sharing details about the incident, we can state that allegations were made against teacher Kim Neubauer.  The District placed Ms. Neubauer on administrative leave while it investigated the allegations.  After completing its investigation, the District acted quickly and decisively.  As of April 8, 2022, Ms. Neubauer was placed on an unpaid leave of absence for the remainder of the school year.  Additionally, Ms. Neubauer’s employment with the District ended on June 3, 2022.  As a result, Ms. Neubauer is no longer an employee of the District. 

We love our students and we work tirelessly to protect and support them.  We welcome and value parent feedback and recognize that together we are stronger and better equipped to respond to any safety concerns that may arise.

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Other News

The district buildings have adjusted summer hours through August 12th.

Student safety is the top priority of the Princeton Public School District.

Princeton Public Schools and Palmer Bus Service partner together to provide transportation services to our families on a daily basis. Please read these details carefully if your students need busing starting fall 2022.