Intermediate School cLic (Creating Leaders and Intentional Culture) students engage in public service project

At the cLic SOCKtober event  students collected over 800 pairs of socks for local needs. The goal was only 200 per grade but they went ABOVE and BEYOND and hit over 800!!!! 

These students worked so hard making posters, collecting socks, and counting totals every day, and their efforts should definitely be recognized.. 

The cLic November initiative is the grade against grade,  21 day,  FOOD drive AND collecting turkey feathers saying what we are thankful for in the commons area at the IS..   These Intermediate students are doing their collective part in creating a climate of kindness, gratitude and selflessness.

Thank you,

Make the day amazing!


Amy Allen M.S.C.

Dean of Students

Princeton Intermediate School

cLic socks

cLic socks tricolor

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