Back to School Masking Guidelines

As we prepare to return, we understand there are strong feelings about masking or not masking.  In Princeton Public Schools we support the CDC recommendations and strongly encourage every individual who is not fully vaccinated to wear a face covering. There is no mandate to do so. So in the end, it comes down to a family decision.  As a district we will honor the choice and freedom that families have to make this decision. We will stand by this masking procedure as long as the current recommendations are in place. If there is a change, we will communicate it.

Masks are required on all public transportation—including school buses. This is a Federal Transportation Department Mandate (the same as airlines, railway companies, and taxis must observe). Drivers are told to refuse service to riders who refuse to wear a mask. Families who object to wearing a mask are welcome to provide their own transportation to school. Masks are not required at the bus stops or after the child exits the bus to come into school.

One of our core values is respect—listening to, accepting, and valuing each individual. As we align our actions with our beliefs, that means we expect each individual in our school district to respect others—free of judgement or bullying or harassment. When we come together in our schools, if a person chooses or doesn’t choose to wear a mask, they will be welcomed without judgement.

We expect all students and staff will act with respect and consideration toward others, and refrain from targeting their peers in a negative manner. Individuals who engage in disrespectful, harassment or bullying behavior will be subject to disciplinary action, as outlined in our Student Handbooks and our Bullying Prohibition policy.

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Other News

Whether we are ready for it or not, winter weather is upon us!  We would like to remind families of the protocols we follow during inclement weather. 

As you are aware, the CDC has recommended the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11. Our schools are not requiring or providing vaccines. We encourage all families to contact your healthcare provider or our local public health department if you are interested in getting the COVID Vaccine.

As a tutor for AmeriCorps, you could help Princeton students build the skills they need to thrive in math and literacy. Tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups, and are paid a stipend every two weeks. Comprehensive training is provided, and tutors may also be eligible for child care assistance and free health insurance.