MS & HS Students Begin In-Person Learning March 9

This week the Governor updated the state’s Safe Learning Plan with a goal of returning more students to Hybrid or In-person learning. Some of the larger districts in the state have been in Distance Learning since last March. I am happy to report that our plans for full in-person learning for middle and high schoolers is consistent with the state’s updated plans announced this week.

We are looking forward to returning to a traditional daily learning schedule for third trimester.

  • We will keep our current start and end times at all schools 
  • We will keep the tiered bus system for the remainder of the school year  
  • Families who wish to change their learning must contact the school before Feb. 26 (look for further details from your school)
  • We will adhere to the state’s updated Safe Learning Plan, including implementing a number of mitigation strategies:
    • Face coverings required
    • Physical distancing of six feet whenever feasible; a minimum of three feet of between students required
    • Frequent handwashing
    • Please stay home when you are sick
  • Families are encouraged to take advantage of the state’s free COVID-19 testing every two weeks. Families can find locations for free COVID-19 testing or order at-home saliva tests via MDH’s website
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