Princeton Honors Teachers with LEEA Award

Leaders in Educational Excellence Awards (LEEA) held on Wednesday, October 24, at River’s Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, told over 146 educators honored at the event that “teachers face greater challenges with students in their profession in our ever-connected environment.” He explained that human connection always matters most to students and that, to them, feelings matter as much as facts. He went on to share strategies that may help educators intentionally reclaim human connection with their students each day. He closed his remarks with deep gratitude for all of the educators
who help students each day and reiterated how vitally important human connection with an educator is for those students who face extraordinarily difficult struggles.

The 2018 Leaders in Educational Excellence Awards (LEEA) opened with a welcome address from Mark Schmitz, Executive Director at Resource Training & Solutions. Ken Anderson, chair of the Resource Training & Solutions’ Board of Directors, also extended his congratulations to the honorees. Over 481 attended the annual event. Schools and districts across Resource’s central Minnesota region nominate award recipients based on suggested criteria that includes how educators inspire fellow colleagues, students, and communities through positive leadership, utilize curriculum development, motivate students, implement instructional effectiveness, act as strong role models, and display dedication to the profession of education. Public, private, parochial, and charter schools were included in the event, as well as Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative, the West Central Education District, and the Wright Technical Center.

Participating school districts, along with Resource Training & Solutions, sponsors the Leaders in Educational Excellence Awards (LEEA). Deb Thomes, Student Programs and Events Coordinator and the Learning and Development team at Resource Training & Solutions coordinate the event. In its 27th year, LEEA event has honored nearly 4,000 central Minnesota educators. The next LEEA event will be on October 23, 2019.

Staff Pictured (left to right):
John Beach, Dianne Greenwood, Dan Voce, Jodi Gatewood, Michelle Hallbeck, Ben Barton, Scott Walquist, Sarah Marxhausen, Barb Muckenhirn.

Teachers received LEEA award

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