Proposal for Two-Tier Transportation System Moving Forward

On Tuesday evening at the Regular School Board Meeting, the School Board will review recommendations for adopting a Two-Tier Transportation System for the 2021-2022 school year. Anyone who wishes to address the Board on this topic at the board meeting may sign up to do so via email at or

We will continue our discussion of a two-tier system and staggered start times at each school for next school year. As reported in The Tiger Times last month, the two-tier system was supported by 63% of parents who responded to our survey. The decision is being driven in part by a state shortage of bus drivers, in addition to positive experiences this school year with fewer discipline incidents and the ability to eliminate the hub-and-transfer system. 

The primary and intermediate schools would start on the first tier and the middle and high school would be in the second tier, with start times as follows:

PRIMARY/INTERMEDIATE: Start school 7:45 AM & Dismiss at 2:00 PM
MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL: Start school 8:45 AM & Dismiss at 3:15 PM

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