Snow Problems

This January, we’ve received more snow than we usually get in an entire winter season. Our elementary students are pretty big fans of it, but we know that our families and staff are less excited about the interruptions a snowfall can bring. 

We serve 12 townships plus the City of Princeton. Snowfall doesn’t always hit evenly across the district, and each area has different road plowing schedules and capabilities. In addition, students live on various roads—from highly traveled areas to private farmland. So while one part of our district may be clear and safe, another section may be dangerously slippery. This makes deciding on school closures more an art than a science. 

We have experienced days when some unplowed roads are simply impassable for school buses. When this occurs, buses may need to miss some stops. If your road is not plowed, you may get a call from our transportation dispatcher that the bus is unable to get to your stop. We hope with the cooperation of all our townships, cities, county and state, these incidents will be infrequent. We assure you that our drivers will always put safety first.

At this time, we are closely watching the number of e-learning days due to inclement weather. The state allows schools to designate up to 5 days as flexible e-learning days for inclement weather. Due to the abundance of snow, we’ve used four  of the allowed days. If we use up all our designated days, the next option is to make up instructional days.. Minnesota schools are mandated to reach a specific number of instructional minutes  each year. While there is no specific provision in state law that affect our funding, we are required to make up days if we exceed five e-learning days. 

As always, we make the best decision for the safety of our students, staff, and families with the best information available. We appreciate your cooperation as we navigate the challenges of winter weather together. 

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Other News

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