Social Media Communication Follow-Up

Hello Princeton Schools Parents, Guardians, Students, and Team Members,

This is a follow up to the communication sent early this morning.  The school district was made aware of rumors that were circulating around social media last evening.  The rumor suggested that a shooting would take place at the High School on Friday, January 4.  We immediately began an investigation with the support of the Princeton Police Department to determine the facts.  We were able to conclude with 100% confidence the rumor was related to a situation that our administration and police liaison investigated during the school day.  The administration, police liaison, as well as other staff administered appropriate school consequences and confirmed there was no immediate threat to the safety of our students and staff.  

Over the course of our investigation, it became clear the rumor grew on social media and took on a life of its own.  There were many statements on Facebook and various social media pages that lacked factual support.  We determined the need to send an official communication to provide credible information to our families and the community.

Safety is our number one priority and we will continue to take all measures available to keep our students and community safe.  This includes communicating with you if there were a confirmed threat.  Princeton Public Schools and the Princeton Police Department will continue to do everything in our power to provide a safe school environment for everyone.


Ben Barton

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