Tiger Career Academies

High school students often report that pondering life after high school is one of their biggest sources of stress. After all, how many of us are in the careers we planned when we were 18? Our Tiger Career Academies are designed to help students explore their interests before graduation. Students gain real-world skills and hands-on experience that will lead them on a successful path no matter where they go after high school. Plus, high school is a great time for students to explore different careers and educational paths, learning what they like (and what they don’t like) before selecting a major or a career. We’re continually expanding our Tiger Career Academies, adding new business partners, and creating new offerings for students. Our goal is for every student to graduate with an industry credential, certification, workplace experience, college credit, internship, or mentorship. Do it for free in high school and rack up credentials and credits before you rack up student debt. Graduate career or college ready. Go Tigers!

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Other News

The Minnesota Department of Human Services and the MN Department of Education once again are partnering to issue P-EBT benefits through the state’s SNAP card system.

Public schools have been the heart of our communities for generations. In the Union Times this week, Superintendent Ben Barton reflects on the impact of our Princeton Public Schools.