Valentine's Flower Sale

The PHS Floral Horticulture class is taking orders for it's annual Valentine's Flower sale! You can order flowers for your special student(s) and they will be delivered to them during school on February 14. Horticulture students will deliver to the elementary schools, Middle School, High School, Student Services, Family Center and the District Office. 🌹

Place your order here: https://forms.gle/2w1wYW2uTQrnW98UA

Orders are due by midnight on February 8 and can be paid via RevTrack.

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Other News

Over the last four years, our School Boards and Long-term Facilities Planning Committee have been evaluating and planning for our facilities needs. Maintaining our community investment in schools is a fundamental task for school boards.

Building solid relationships is one of our core values. We develop these connections by engaging in our shared purpose with stakeholders, including students, staff, families, community organizations, and the School Board. 

This January, we’ve received more snow than we usually get in an entire winter season. Our elementary students are pretty big fans of it, but we know that our families and staff are less excited about the interruptions a snowfall can bring.