What’s On The Menu?

Unfortunately, supply chain issues and staffing shortages are hitting food vendors and these disruptions are affecting schools. Food shipments are delayed and market prices are rising. What does this mean for you? We’ll do our best to keep to the published menu but sometimes we may have to make changes. All meals served at our district are subject to change based on availability, so we are asking you to keep this in mind when reviewing the printed and on-line menus for the upcoming months. Rest assured your child will still receive nutritious, delicious options, but the menu items may not match the printed menu. 

Students with specialized or modified diets may also be affected. Nutrition Services will reach out if sourcing some foods becomes difficult. 

Nationwide there is disruption in the food supply chain. This disruption is a fallout from the current global pandemic and a direct result of one or more of the following contributing factors:

  • Lack of availability of raw ingredients to produce the products
  • Labor – there is simply not enough active workforce to produce the food products and to unload incoming raw and finished products.
  • Transportation – There are insufficient numbers of drivers to haul the food throughout our nation.

These factors will have an impact on the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs in our district and across America. Our School Nutrition department will be working closely with our food distributor to continue to source healthy menu options that meet the federal guidelines for Child Nutrition Programs. 
Please contact Nutrition Services at nutrition@ISD477.org if you have any questions or concerns.

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Other News

The Tiger Strong Referendum builds on our strong, established relationship with our community. Expanding activity spaces for community member use would serve residents well now and into the future. Election day is November 2.

It’s no secret that we take Tiger Pride seriously, and part of that is being clear on our expectations for behavior. We focus on teaching self-regulation, personal safety, and support through collaboration.