Policy 212 - School Board Member Development


In recognition of the need for continuing inservice training and development for Its members, the purpose of this policy is to encourage the members of the school board to participate in professional development activities designed for them so that they may perform their responsibilities.


A. Board candidates will be offered a general inservice before the election.

B. New school board members will be provided the opportunity and encouragement to attend the orientation and training sessions sponsored by the Minnesota School Boards Association.

C. All school board members are encouraged to participate in school board and related workshops and activities sponsored by local, state and national school boards associations, as well as in the activities of other educational groups.

D. School board members are expected to report back to the school board with materials of interest gathered at the various meetings and workshops and will be placed on a future board agenda.

E. The school board will reimburse the necessary expenses of all school board members who attend meetings and conventions pertaining to school activities and the objectives of the school board, within the approved policy and budget allocations of the school district relating to the reimbursement of expenses involving the attendance at workshops and conventions.

F. The school board believes that the national leadership conference sponsored by NSBA is valuable, and the school district will provide funds for a school board member to attend the conference once during a member’s elected term.

Legal References:

  • Minn. Stat. §123B.09, Subd. 2 (Boards of Independent School Districts)

Adopted: April 22, 2003
Reviewed: May 5, 2015
Reviewed: August 4, 2020
Revised: November 15, 2022