Policy 213 - School Board Committees


The purpose of this policy is to provide for the structure and the operation of committees or subcommittees of the school board.


A. It is the policy of the school board to designate school board committees or subcommittees when it is determined that a committee process facilities the mission of the school board.

B. The school board has determined that certain permanent standing committees to facilitate the operation of the school board and the school district.

C. A school board committee or subcommittee will be formed by school board resolution which shall outline the duties and purpose of the committee or subcommittee.

D. A committee or subcommittee is advisory in nature and has only such authority as specified by the school board.

E. The school board will receive reports or recommendations from a committee or subcommittee for consideration. The school board, however, retains the right and has the duty to make all final decisions related to such reports or recommendations.

F. The school board also may establish such ad hoc committees for specific purposes as it deems appropriate.

G. The school board reserves the right to limit, create or abolish any standing or ad hoc committee as it deems appropriate.

H. A committee of the school board shall not appoint a subcommittee of that committee without approval of the school board.

I. The school board will establish, by resolution, for each committee the number of members, the term and the charge or mission of each such committee.

J. The school board chair shall appoint the members of each standing or ad hoc committee and designate the chair thereof. Any changes to committee assignments must be made by the Board Chair.

Official Princeton School Board Committees:

  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Long Range Planning
  • Policy
  • Public Engagement

Official Princeton School Board Appointments:

  • Community Education / Early Childhood Family Education Advisory
  • Rum River Special Education Cooperative
  • MN State High School League
  • Schools for Equity in Education (SEE)
  • Wellness

Cross References:

Adopted: May 13, 2003
Revised: July 22, 2008
Revised: March 8, 2011
Revised: January 6, 2015
Revised: February 6, 2018
Reviewed: August 4. 2020
Reviewed: November 15, 2022