Policy 304 - Superintendent Evaluation

Reviewed: February 16, 2016


The purpose of this policy is to provide for a systematic evaluation of the Superintendent.


A. The superintendent’s contract shall be used to formalize the employment relationship and to specifically identify and clarify all conditions of employment with the superintendent.

B. The specific duties for which the superintendent is accountable shall be set forth in a position description for the superintendent. Measurement of those duties shall be by the performance appraisal outlined in this document.

C. A Superintendent Evaluation shall be conducted at least annually by June 30 (the board chair will meet with the Superintendent prior to the Superintendent evaluation.) This evaluation shall be per this document and the results of this evaluation shall be documented, shared with the Superintendent, and a record copy of this evaluation retained in the Superintendent’s personnel file.



In July of each year the School Board and the Superintendent shall meet to establish the below items. Agreement of the below items shall be by consensus between the majority of the board and the Superintendent. These goals and action plans shall be documented. This group may establish multiple year goals and action plans, however only the upcoming year’s goals and action plans shall be used for evaluation purposes of the Superintendent.

    1. School district goals for the upcoming year
    2. Superintendent action plan for the upcoming year


Periodically throughout the year the Superintendent shall update the School Board on progress made toward the district’s goals and Superintendent’s action plan. This update shall be at a frequency mutually agreed to by the Superintendent and the School Board.

Legal References:

  • Minn. Stat. § 123B.143 (Superintendent)

Cross References:

  • MSBA Service Manual, Chapter 5, School Board-Staff Relationships (See Model Contract and Appraisal)

Adopted: April 8, 2003
Revised: July 18, 2006
Reviewed: May 25, 2010
Reviewed: November 12, 2013
Reviewed: February 16, 2016