Policy 511 - Student Fundraising

Revised: March 21, 2017


The purpose of this policy is to address fundraising for the district including student fundraising.


The school board recognizes a desire and a need for fundraising to support district programs or student activities. The school board also recognizes a need for some constraint to prevent fundraising activities from becoming too numerous and overly demanding on employees, students, and the general public.


A. School fundraisers are approved fundraisers conducted by students, staff, or parent groups. These fundraisers fall under the provisions of Section IV.

B. Non-School fundraisers are fundraisers conducted by groups outside the jurisdiction of the schools.


A. All school fundraising must be approved in advance by the appropriate administrator, Superintendent and School Board. The purpose of each fundraiser must be identified and approved in advance. A form shall be available in each district building for this approval.

B. School fundraising shall not be conducted for the purpose of hiring licensed or support staff.

C. School fundraising shall not be conducted for the purpose of maintenance projects.

D. Individual student participation is optional. Students shall not be pressured to sell products or solicit funds and will not be required to meet a sales quota to participate in an activity or field trip. Staff shall not use their positions of influence to pressure students to participate nor shall students who do not participate in any way be penalized.

E. Whenever possible, local businesses will be given opportunities to provide fundraising services or products.

F. The school district expects all students who participate in approved fundraising activities to represent the school, the student organization, and the community in a responsible manner. All rules pertaining to student conduct and discipline extend to student fundraising activities.

G. Door-to-door sales are discouraged, but if approved, students may be allowed to sell according to the following guidelines:

1. K-8: Allowed only if parent or guardian is with student
2. 9-12: Allowed only if two or more students work together

H. The school district will provide alternative ways for people to donate money to schools without purchasing fundraiser products (see #3 on fundraising approval form).

I. Information explaining the district’s fundraising policy will be summarized in fundraising materials and the full policy will be available on the school district website or from the school offices.

J. The superintendent or designee will submit to the school board a monthly summary report of fundraising activities, the amount earned, and how the funds were utilized.

K. Beginning in 2007-08 school year, fundraising items consumed on school property must follow Federal and State Law.


A. Non-school groups who conduct fundraising to benefit school programs independently will be treated in accordance with policy #706 (Acceptance of Gifts).

B. Any employee of the school district involved in fundraising with a non-school group must maintain a clear separation between the group and the school by:

    • Communicating to students and parents that the fundraiser is a non-school effort;
    • Clearly stating to students that their participation is optional and that there is no penalty for not participating;
    • Meeting the provisions of the “Distribution of Materials” policies 505 and 904;
    • Ensuring that no fundraising costs are incurred by the district.

C. Non-school groups may conduct fundraisers to support school activities on school property if they meet the following conditions:

    • It is made clear that the fundraiser in not a school-affiliated event. A disclaimer stating such must be included on printed materials.
    • Pre-approval of the fundraising activity is received from the appropriate administrator and Superintendent.
    • The purpose of the fundraiser has been approved by the appropriate administrator and Superintendent and is clearly communicated to all participants.
    • No cost associated with the fundraiser is incurred by the district.
    • The group is a non-profit organization.

Legal References:

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Cross References:

Adopted: February 26, 2002
Revised: September 26, 2006
Revised: July 17, 2007
Revised: October 13, 2009
Reviewed: February 16, 2016
Revised: March 21, 2017