Policy 551 - Memorial Policy

Adopted: September 5, 2017


Princeton Public Schools recognizes that the loss of a member of the school community has a great impact on student, staff, and families. Further, the district recognizes that decisions made about memorials immediately after traumatic events may not take into full consideration the potential impacts to students, staff, and community members. The purpose of this policy is to assist staff, students and families impacted by a death by providing guidelines for decision-making regarding memorials and memorialization activities.


The focus of a school is to support students in their learning. While the school district wants to support students and staff who are grieving a loss, memorials can be an ongoing reminder of a traumatic event and can be impossible for students to avoid when located on school property or included in school-wide events. Therefore, school buildings and grounds shall not be used for temporary or permanent memorials. Additionally, Princeton Public Schools does not authorize public memorial activities during the school day or during school-sponsored activities.Princeton Public Schools recommends that gifts and recognitions in memory of an individual be in the form of student scholarships, or donations (to the Princeton Area Education Foundation) in the name of the deceased.


A. “Memorials” mean objects or activities meant to remember an event or deceased person(s).


This policy will guide decisions moving forward from the date of the first adoption and will not impact previous memorials. The guidelines regarding memorials will be kept in each building and in the office of the Superintendent. Persons who have questions, comments or concerns should contact the Superintendent in the District Center.

Adopted: September 5, 2017