Policy 613 - Graduation Requirements

Revised: February 21, 2017


The purpose of this policy is to set forth requirements for graduation from Princeton Public Schools.


It is the policy of the school district that all students must follow state statutes and state requirements. Students must complete other district requirements as established by the school board in order to graduate.


A. “Course credit” is equivalent to a student’s successful completion of an academic unit of study or a student’s mastery of the applicable subject matter, as determined by the school district.

B. “MDE” means the Minnesota Department of Education.

D. “504 Plan” or “Section 504 Accommodation” means the defined appropriate accommodations or modifications that must be made in the school environment to address the needs of an individual student with disabilities.

E. “Individualized Education Program,” or “IEP,” means a written statement developed for a student eligible by law for special education and services.

F. “Limited English Proficient” or “LEP” student means an individual whose first language is not English and whose test performance may be negatively impacted by lack of English language proficiency.


District Director of Teaching and Learning or other appointed administrator shall be named the school district test administrator. Said person shall be in charge of all test procedures.


A. All students must complete all preparatory content standards as per state and district requirements.

B. All students must successfully complete the required graduation standards. In addition,

1. Students must complete the required number of high school credits and required courses in grades 9-12 as outlined in the Princeton High School registration Handbook. Sixty-eight (68) total credits are required for graduation. Thirty-eight (38) specific credits are required and thirty (30) elective credits are required. Specific course requirements and prerequisites are identified in the Princeton High School Registration Handbook. The 68 required credits must include:

Academic Department

Credit Requirements

State Requirement Clarification

English/Language Arts



Sufficient to satisfy the academic standard and completion of Advanced Algebra or its equivalent

Social Studies

7Encompassing at least United States history, geography, government and citizenship, work history, and economics


7Including at least two credits in biology; and two credits in chemistry and/or physics




Standard Requirements

Elective Requirements

Total Required Credits for Graduation

Career & College Readiness Requirements (Identified on transcript as Meet/Incomplete)

  • Completion of district-approved postsecondary assessment (i.e.ACT)
  • Completion of required advisory curriculum milestones for Personal Learning Plans


2. Have met the requirements of an IEP or 504 Plan.

E. Elective standards in health and physical education, vocational and technical education, and world languages are developed locally and placed in courses. The following Minnesota Academic Standards, in accordance with the standards developed by the MDE, have been placed within the above courses and selected electives. The most recent standard versions are placed within curriculum according to the district review process. Specific course requirements are designed to meet the Minnesota Academic Standards and subject to change.

    1. Minnesota Academic Standards, Language Arts K-12;
    2. Minnesota Academic Standards, Mathematics K-12;
    3. Minnesota Academic Standards, Science K-12;
    4. Minnesota Academic Standards, Social Studies K-12; and
    5. Minnesota Academic Standards with Local Adaptations, K-12 Arts

Students may be considered for early graduation, as provided for within Minn. Stat. § 120B.07 upon meeting the following conditions:

A. All course or standards and credit requirements must be met;

B. All applicable state graduation test requirements and Career & College Readiness Requirements must be met.


The school district will notify students and their parents of the school district’s graduation requirements within 30 working days of a student’s entry into ninth grade.

Legal References:

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Cross References:

  • MSBA/MASA Model Policy 104 (School District Mission Statement)
  • MSBA/MASA Model Policy 601 (School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals)
  • MSBA/MASA Model Policy 614 (School District Testing Plan and Procedure)
  • MSBA/MASA Model Policy 615 (Basic Standards Testing, Accommodations, Modifications, and Exemptions for IEP, Section 504 Accommodation, and LEP Students)
  • MSBA/MASA Model Policy 616 (School District System Accountability)

Adopted: April 23, 1996
Revised: July 21, 1998
Revised: October 25, 2005
Revised: April 24, 2007
Revised: April 22, 2008
Revised: August 25, 2009
Revised: August 27, 2013
Reviewed: October 20, 2015
Revised: February 21, 2017