Policy 604 - Inclusive Education Program

The purpose of this policy is to inform students, teachers and parents of Princeton Public School’s commitment to provide equal educational opportunities to all students attending district schools regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background, gender, or disability. Additionally, Princeton Public Schools affirms the importance of multicultural, gender fair, disability sensitive curriculum and instruction.

The school board of Princeton Public Schools is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students in the district, regardless of gender, disability, cultural or socio-economic background. Further, the board is committed to delivering an inclusive educational program which encourages understanding and nondiscriminatory treatment of people of all cultures, socio-economic background, gender and disabilities. The superintendent is directed to establish procedures for the implementation of this policy.


For the purpose of the policy, the following terms have the meaning given them in this section:

  1. Inclusive education program: one that employs a curriculum that is developed and delivered so that students and staff gain an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the United States, the historical and contemporary contributions of women and men to society, the historical and contemporary contributions to society by people with disabilities.
  2. Instruction: a teacher-led process, which transforms well-planned curriculum into student learning. Instruction is standards-focused for the purpose of providing meaningful learning experiences that enable all students to master academic content and achieve personal goals.
  3. Curriculum: a written plan including standards, benchmarks, learning progressions, learning goals, success criteria, assessment tasks, instructional resources and strategies, and time allocations for emphasis and pacing for the content to be taught.
  4. Core Instructional Materials: resources recommended through a district process, approved by the school board, and used by teachers to provide a required common content for students to achieve intended learning.
  5. Supplementary materials: resources determined by teachers and principals, as monitored by the superintendent or designee, which supplement the core materials, and provide for different student needs as required to meet the intended student learning.

The district’s Inclusive Educational Program must be in compliance with Minnesota’s Multicultural, Gender-fair Curriculum Rule 3500.0550, adopted by the State in December 1988 and printed in the State Register May 30, 1989. Renamed Inclusive Educational Program, 1995.

  1. In an attempt to reduce and/or eliminate stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, the curriculum developed shall promote experiences in multicultural gender-fair activities which prepare students to live productively in a multicultural pluralistic society.
  2. Development of the district’s Inclusive Educational Program will occur as part of the district curriculum review process.

Legal References:

  • Minnesota Rules Part 3500.0550 Inclusive Education Program

Cross References:


Adopted: August 7, 2018
Reviewed: November 17, 2020