Policy 902 - Facility Use

Revised: October 18, 2016


It is the policy of Independent School District 477 to make the use of school facilities available primarily by citizens of the district. The implementation of this policy requires both individual and community cooperation. School facility rules and regulations under this policy apply to all property owned and managed by the school district and are in effect at all times when the school property is not in use for regular educational programs.


The administration, through the Community Education Department, will develop and execute appropriate guidelines for the use of school facilities.


Community Education processes requests for use of all district facilities before and after the regular school day, as well as weekends and vacations. Individuals or groups interested in using school facilities should make such requests through Community Education, which will determine the availability and appropriate usage of the facilities.

District Facilities are available for use according to the following hours of operation.

District Center

Mon. - Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Family Center

Mon.- Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Primary School

Mon. - Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Sat. 8am - 4pm

Sun. 12pm - 4pm

Intermediate School

Mon. - Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Middle School

Mon. - Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Sat. 8am - 4pm

Sun. 12pm - 4pm

High School

Mon. - Fri. 6am - 10:30pm

Sat. 8am - 4pm

Sun. 12pm - 4pm

Sunday usage would require a Site Supervisor to oversee practice events. Custodial coverage is required for all public performances and games. Sunday rentals are based on an hourly rate only. Usage outside of these hours of operation may be requested and additional staffing charges will be incurred based on needs.

Class 1 (District sanctioned events) will absorb additional costs for events held outside of the building hours of operation. Classes 2-4 Will absorb additional costs based on needs.

Designated Contract Holidays

  • Labor Day*
  • Memorial Day*
  • Presidents Day*
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day-after Thanksgiving*
  • New Years Eve*
  • New Years Day
  • Independence Day
  • Good Friday*
  • Other Dates - to be determined


District sponsored practice type events must have a designated school employee responsible for supervision of attendees and securing school buildings on the following Designated Contract Holidays:

  1. Labor Day
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Presidents Day
  4. Day-After Thanksgiving
  5. New Years Eve
  6. Good Friday

All events held on these days must follow the requirements outlined below:

  1. Practice & Scrimmage type events are allowed.
  2. Games or Performances are not allowed.
  3. Princeton High School & Middle School are the only buildings available for access on these days.
  4. Only events with a valid Facility Use Permit issued by the Community Education are allowed on these days.
  5. The holder of the permit is responsible for securing the High School during and at the conclusion of the event.
  6. Onsite Supervisors must be trained in securing the building.
  7. Any Expenses incurred by the district (i.e. alarm fees, damages, staff expenses or other costs) as a result of these events will be billed to the event.
  8. Program or events that do not comply with these guidelines will be denied the privilege of further building use on these designated contract holidays.

Any party found to be using district facilities without a facility use permit issued by the Community Education Department will be charged for the time used and may be charged a $100 fee per instance of unauthorized usage.

Sponsored events or activities are defined as individual programs or activities in which the district or a recognized supporting organization directly and completely coordinates, funds, plans, and operates.

Co-sponsored events or activities are defined as individual programs or activities in which the district or a recognized supporting organization, through a joint arrangement with another agency, organization or individual, assists in one or more of the following ways: coordinating, funding, planning or operating.

The district reserves the right to cancel or postpone any activity due to conflict, disregard of policies, or other uncontrollable circumstances, including Class I activities. Wednesday evenings are designated as Activity-Free for students in the district. School authorities will schedule and/or plan all District Sponsored E-12 student programs or meetings must conclude before 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Certain Community Education sponsored events may take place at this time. Facilities may be rented to groups on Wednesdays after 6:00pm.

Should the need to schedule events (i.e. games, performances etc.) at these times be unavoidable, special request must be completed and submitted to the Director of Community Education and Superintendent. If approved, a Facility Use permit will be issued for the event.

Only events with a valid Facility Use Permit issued by the Community Education are allowed at these times. Program or events that do not follow these guidelines will be denied the privilege of further building use at these times.


The Superintendent, or his/her designee, has the authority to alter the fees for the use of Princeton Public Schools facilities and equipment. However, in no instance will the school district incur additional expenses to accommodate a request for facility use (i.e., direct custodial costs).

To make maximum use of school facilities with minimum conflict, it is necessary to arrange groups on a priority basis. Groups using the facilities are classified as 1 through 4, with Class 1 having highest priority for use when developing the annual master calendar. Thereafter, priority is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The classification of the group or organization is determined by its status and activity. The following classification criteria, listed in priority order, should be followed for the use of all facilities. Examples of users in each classification have been listed.


  • All directly related school activities and events such as musical events, athletic events, school productions, All-Night Senior Class Party, staff meetings, and community education activities. Any direct personnel, equipment costs or damages may be assessed to the activity. Any student meetings or booster club non-event meetings are also included in class 1. Outside local agencies wishing to use district conference rooms during hours of operations will not incur a charge.
  • No Rental Cost


  • Public Agencies, School Booster Organizations major events, youth nonprofit organizations and nonprofit civic and service groups with nonprofit tax status. (Non-Profit Filing Number issued by the Secretary of State is required.) Any direct personnel, equipment costs or damages may be assessed to the activity.
  • Rate: 30% of established Rental Rate or by alternate agreement for youth activities.


  • Individuals, groups or organizations that have headquarters within the boundaries of District 477. Any direct personnel, equipment costs or damages may be assessed to the activity.
  • Rate: 60% of established Rental Rate.


  • Nonresidents whose headquarters are outside the Princeton School District boundaries. Any direct personnel, equipment costs or damages may be assessed to the activity.
  • Rate: 100% of established Rental Rate


1. A person requesting use of district facilities or grounds will obtain a School Facility Use Application from the Community Education Office. Applications are available on the district web page under Community Education/Facility Use Application.

2. Complete Facility Use Application and include a $15 non-refundable Application Fee payable to District 477. Return it to the Community Education Office either by mail or in person at least 10 working days in advance of the proposed date(s) of usage. District Sanctioned Events need not include Application Fee.

3. Community Education staff will review the form, complete the approval section, and establish costs according to the Facility Use Policy.

Facility Use Application will be reviewed to:

A. Determine availability and appropriate facility to meet the request (including personnel and equipment, if applicable).

B. Determine the requester’s classification.

C. Determine estimated cost of application.

D. Determine method of fee collection.

4. When these criteria have been determined, a confirmation (Facility Use Permit) will be prepared and emailed to applicant and other parties that may be impacted such as the Building Principal, Buildings and Grounds Coordinator, PAC Manager (when PAC is reserved) and Custodian at the facility being used.

5. External applicants will be informed through Facility Use Permit after the Community Education Office completes approval. Internal applicants receive booking into requested facility unless conflicts exist. (Permits may not be issued to internal applicants for routine facility use.) Community Education will prepare billings for charges or fees pursuant to this policy.

6. If the request is to be denied, the requester needs to be informed with reason(s). They may appeal by calling, writing or meeting with the community education director. If the director upholds the decision, the requester can appeal to the superintendent, who will review the request and make a final decision.

7. Facilities calendar is available on the district website under community education for building principal, buildings and grounds coordinator, lead building custodian and general public.

8. Requests for use of school grounds or equipment will utilize the same procedures and applicants will complete a similar form.


A $15 nonrefundable Application Fee payable to District 477 for all external rental groups or individuals will be submitted along with each use Facility Use Application before an application is processed.

A $10 non-refundable rescheduling fee is charged for each revision of an existing permit.


Changes, additions or cancellations must be made through the Community Education Department at least seven working days in advance of scheduled use to receive a refund. Application fees will not be refunded for any reason. Any direct costs already incurred on the user’s behalf must be paid in full.

No-Shows will be responsible for all estimated charges and will be assessed a $50 No-Show fee. All charges for No-Shows must be paid prior to further use of facilities.


1. All organizations (including an individual, informal groups, commercial entities, political subdivisions, and nonprofit entities regardless of legal status) must agree to indemnify and hold harmless the district, its officers and employees against any and all losses, claims, damages or liability to which the organization, its officers, or participants may become subject in connection with the conduct of any activity on the premises by the authorized organization. All organizations must agree to reimburse the district, its officers and employees in connection with defending any actions relating thereto.

2. All commercial and nonprofit organizations that are legally established within the State of Minnesota are required to furnish a yearly certificate confirming liability insurance in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000 for combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage.


1. All permits are revocable and are not considered as a lease. The School Board or its authorized agent may reject any applications or cancel any permit. It may be necessary, on occasion, to pre-empt usage for school requirements. Any rejection, revocation, cancellation, or preemption of any application/permit must have the approval of the community education director with notification to the user within 48 hours or sooner, if possible.

2. The district will attempt to provide equity in the use of its facilities after regular school sponsored uses. Generally those organizations of the school will have first priority.

3. A school district employee capable of providing for the security of the school facility and for service to the user must be on duty as “site supervisor” whenever building facilities are being used. The "school district employee" under this policy shall be limited to: custodian, Community Education building staff, and co-curricular supervisors during the time they are supervising students assigned to their co-curricular assignment. Cost for the school district employee and other charges may be billed to the user.

4. Permits are nontransferable and are restricted to the stated hours and intended use of the facility as stated on the Facility Use Permit. The requester is responsible for notifying Community Education when their group wants to make changes to a confirmed permit.

5. Permit holders are responsible for providing competent and adequate supervision for all activities at all times. Children will have adult supervision at all times. Failure to do so may result in a Community Education employee being assigned such supervision responsibilities at the user's expense. A school district employee will supervise the operation of the facilities but not be required to supervise a group or its activities.

6. The use of school district-owned equipment for private purposes either on or off school property is prohibited without predetermined use of district property being included in the facilities use contractual agreement.

7. Any apparatus or other equipment moved into the building must have prior approval and must be removed promptly so as not to interfere with the E -12 school program.

8. All facilities and grounds of the Princeton School District are TOBACCO/E-Cig-FREE. Alcohol and other drugs may not be consumed in/on school district properties. Abusive and obscene language will not be tolerated.

9. All local and state ordinances and laws of the police and fire department must be observed.

10. Requester will be responsible for leaving the facilities in the same condition as upon arrival. The requester will be billed for any cleaning, maintenance or repair costs incurred as a result of their use of the facility.

11. The school district is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

12. The school district shall not assume liability or responsibility for any equipment owned or leased by any permit holder, which is used or stored on school district property. OSHA standards will apply.

13. Any use of recreational, audio-visual, stage lighting, piano or other music or other school equipment must show item approval on the facility use permit prior to use. Competent equipment operators, approved by the administration, must be available; and any charge will be assessed to the permit holder.

14. The School Board reserves the right to refuse or approve the use of certain school facilities when it determines it would be in the best interest of the community to do so.

15. Any donation or gift solicitation must follow District Policy #706 which requires the submission of the Acceptance of Gifts Form as well as approval by the School Board.


Community Education will determine the appropriate charges for the use of district facilities based on the following:

  1. Classification of the organization or individual requesting use
  2. Nature of the activity
  3. Size of the facility necessitated by the activity
  4. Personnel costs
  5. Equipment
  6. Fee schedule

Class 1 users will not be charged facility use fees. However, all classes of users may be charged a standard hourly rate for additional costs (equipment, personnel, etc.). Requester will be responsible for leaving the facilities in the same condition as upon arrival. The requester will be billed for any cleaning, maintenance or repair costs incurred as a result of their use of the facility. Facility users will be billed for overtime pay for district employees on designated holidays.


Facility Use Application Fee ($15) is due at the time the application is submitted. This fee is non-refundable any circumstances.

A payment of 50% of the estimated charges is due upon of receipt of contract or permit. Facility Use charges of $20 or less are due in full at this time. Remaining charges will be billed monthly and must be paid within 30 days. A late charge of $20 will be assessed if the bill is overdue.

Checks are to be made payable to District 477. Failure to pay will result in future permits being denied. If personnel services are necessary, the hours will be verified and the user charged accordingly.

A deposit may be required for any or all groups at the discretion of the Community Education Department.


Building custodial personnel or designated site supervisor will supervise the use of facilities. Community Education will inform the facility user and building custodian of the rules and regulations specific to each facility.

The district reserves the right to require police supervision at any event as deemed necessary by the administration or Community Education. The requester will pay for the police supervision.


Overnight stays by local groups are not encouraged but are permitted by the district. Facilities may be used to house out-of-town visitors for a one-time use under the following conditions:

  1. The district will require a district employee or a paid supervisor to be assigned to the building during use.
  2. The visiting agency or group will have a roster of all participants available at all times.
  3. No heating appliances of any type will be allowed (hot plates, hair dryers) except in those areas so designated (kitchen, restrooms).
  4. The requester/supervisor must be present at all times while the activity is in session. This requester/supervisor will be provided at no cost to the district. No one will be admitted to the facility until the requester/supervisor is present. The group will assume liability for any accidents that occur on the facilities during the time school grounds and buildings are in use.

Food and beverages are permitted in designated areas only. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form is prohibited. All district facilities and grounds are tobacco-free/E-Cig free.


The district reserves the right to cancel facility use if required by weather conditions. Local media stations and district website will carry announcements of school closing and, when possible, Community Education will notify the facility user.


Any person found willfully damaging or defacing property belonging to the district shall be held responsible for the replacement or repair of such property and all costs shall be the obligation of the offender. Criminal charge may be filed against the offender. If the individual offender is not known, the group/requester is liable for damages and costs. If the group refuses to make payment, it will not be allowed to use district facilities again.


The PAC may be used for purposes and activities appropriate to the facility. Groups requesting use of an auditorium will need to list in detail their equipment needs when making a request. School principals or appropriate administrator will verify all requests for PAC use by internal users. No food or beverages allowed in the Performing Arts Center.

Requester is required to check permanent equipment at start of usage to determine any previous damage with PAC Director and designee. Such damage is to be documented on Walk-Through form and shown to the PAC Director and designee. If requestor refuses or fails to complete the walk-through, they will be denied use of the school district facility, as stated on the Walk-Through form. All groups will be held responsible for the cost of replacement of any items damaged, lost or stolen from school district facilities.

Equipment from the PAC such as lights, sound or grand piano may not be taken from the PAC without approval of the PAC Manager or administration. If the grand piano is moved to a location within the high school, it must be moved by no less than two adults and be included in the facility use agreement. Requestor will be charged custodial time and tuning of the piano after it is returned to the PAC stage.


Properly certified Lifeguards are required anytime the pool is in use. Community Education will determine proper certification standards for Lifeguards. (Basic standards, current Lifeguard, First Aid & CPR certifications.)

The district will provide certified lifeguards during rentals. In certain long-term relationships the renter may be allowed to provide their own certified lifeguard. Certified personnel must be on duty at all times during the rental. Community Education must grant approval for all Lifeguard personnel and copies of their current Lifeguard, First Aid & CPR certifications must be on file with Community Education. In-district users are required to have properly certified Lifeguards on duty at all times during pool use. Community Education may assist in providing lifeguards to these users.


Use of kitchen facilities and/or equipment before and after the regular school day may be permitted, subject to the following conditions:

1. The Food Service Director will be notified of all functions relating to the use of the kitchen prior to the event. Adequate time must be allowed for appropriate staffing.

2. To maintain a safe and sanitary food production environment, the Minnesota Department of Health recommendations regarding food preparation and storage will be followed.

3. Food and beverages must be served in the cafeteria or other approved lounges or locations within the school buildings.

4. No home baked/cooked foods may be stored, sold, or served in district facilities, except as allowed by Minnesota Statutes, section 157.22.

5. No food may be prepared or warmed outside of licensed food preparation areas.

6. A food service staff member is required when preparing food or using kitchen equipment. Cost of actual hours worked is billed to group requesting kitchen use.

7. The group is responsible for loss of food service inventory when using coolers, milk coolers or freezers for group events.

8. An estimate of fees for personnel and/or use of facilities and equipment will be provided by Community Education prior to the event.

9 Food service personnel may be assigned to supervise the use and clean up of all non production equipment (sinks, warming carts, refrigerator, servicing tables). This employee will be trained and knowledgeable of equipment and sanitation requirements and may remain in the kitchen during the entire event.

10. Dinners and banquets may be catered through the district catering service or by an outside catering service. The Food Service Director must approve any requests for food service.

11. The Food Service Department will collect appropriate fees from the user to pay for food service personnel and equipment supplied for internal users. Community Education will collect appropriate fees from the user to pay for other direct personnel costs for a district function.

If renters choose to serve food without the use of District Food Services, they must hold a food service license or obtain a concession license through the Minnesota Department of Health and a copy of said licenses must be on file in the Princeton Community Education Services office prior to the first date of the event. The obtained license must also be posted by the food stand during the event.

Community Education will collect all fees aside from food service fees for non district functions (community use).


The public (for purposes and activities appropriate to the facility) may schedule classrooms in elementary and secondary schools for use. Each building will be notified prior to community use to ensure storage of materials. Users will be expected to respect the teacher's and students' equipment, supplies and materials. Users also will be expected to leave the classroom in the same (if not better) condition than they found it.


The primary purpose of equipment in a school is education of students by district staff. Requests for equipment may be made with Community Education at the time a facility is reserved. Community Education will include equipment requests on all facility confirmations. Designated personnel will be responsible for the supervision and operation of requested equipment. When a usage cost is involved, the requester will pay the charge. Any loss or damage to district equipment is the full obligation of the requester. Property belonging to the district is not to be removed from the district premises for any reason except when included as part of the facility use agreement.


Media centers may be used for approved use, meetings and quiet study. Materials are to be requested in advance. Materials are not to be removed from the media centers.


School gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms may be used for purposes and activities appropriate to the facility. Gym shoes are required of participants in all active sports and games.


Community Education will facilitate all scheduling of gymnasiums and facilities for organized community programs.


The use of outside areas (football, softball, baseball and soccer fields, tracks, parking lots) will also require completion of the Facility Use Application form.

Organizations using outside areas will be expected to clean up all trash, papers, cups, or anything littering the fields or areas surrounding the fields. Organizations not providing the clean up will be charged for groundskeeper/custodian wages as indicated on the fee schedule.

All outside facilities and grounds of District 477 Schools are TOBACCO-FREE. Alcohol and other drugs may not be consumed in/on school district properties. Abusive and obscene language will not be tolerated.

Community Education may require users to allow a minimum of one-half hour between the end of school activities and the beginning of community user activities, practices and games.

All non district outdoor practices, games and activities may be canceled when it rains to prevent damage to the fields. Community Education may rotate use of fields for aeration, drainage, re-seeding and maintenance. Fields may be fenced off by the Maintenance Department to prevent use. Signs will be posted to prevent trespassing and use.


The Community Education Director and the School Board Policy Committee will review these administrative guidelines annually. Should revisions be made, the approval of the Superintendent and the Board will be necessary before the changes take effect.


Extra charges for air-conditioning or other special services may be added to these charges.

  • Class 1: No Rental Charge
  • Class 2: 30% of established Rental rate
  • Class 3: 60% of established Rental rate
  • Class 4: 100% of established Rental rate

Rates in this section are eligible for class discounts

Facility Types



Cafeteria/HS Commons




Media Center




Computer Room


Band Room


Choir Room


Gymnasium (per court) - Intermediate & Primary


Gymnasium (per court) - High School & Middle School


Wrestling Room






Swimming Pool - No lifeguards included


Concession Stand


Ball Field


Tennis Court (per court)


Locker Room


Weight Room


Ball Fields (tournament use)


PAC- Performance, Tech, Dress Rehearsal Use


PAC- Non-Performance Use


Additional Fees (Not subject to class discounts)

  • Lifeguard - $15 hour, 2-hour minimum
  • Application Fee - $15 Non-refundable
  • Permit Revision Fee - $10
  • Building Monitor - $16/hour, 2-hour minimum
  • Custodian - $30/hour, 2-hour minimum
  • Kitchen Staff - $25/hour, 2-hour minimum
  • PAC or Tech Manager - $30/hour, 2-hour minimum
  • Additional PAC Tech Student Staff - $12/hour, 2-hour minimum
  • Express Application Processing Fee - $40 (Less than 10 working days prior to event)
  • Unapproved Event Fee - $100
  • Riser/Platform - $10/use
  • Resuscitation Annie - $35/use
  • Portable Projection Screen - $10/use
  • Overhead or Projector - $5/use
  • Piano - $75/use
  • Scoreboard - $5/use

1. Any time custodial services are needed; a custodian will be hired at the assigned rate. If special furniture and/or equipment are used for an activity, an additional custodial charge may also be assessed. The Community Education Director will determine such charge. A damage deposit may also be required.

2. Any time kitchen facilities are used; a facility use charge will be assessed and a kitchen employee assigned to the event will be charged at the assigned rate.

3. Other charges for facilities not identified in this policy will be determined when the request for facility use is made.

4. Additional fees may be charged for services such as police security, ticket takers, field lining (marking), waste removal or additional cleanup.

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