Winter Weather Protocol

Minnesota weather is hard to predict, and Princeton Schools considers many variables to help make the decision to cancel or delay school, or to implement an e-learning day. We consult with area school districts, our bus company manager, and our local counties, and we monitor various weather statements, watches and warnings.

We consider several factors when making the decision to close or delay school:

  • Can students get to and from school safely?
  • Is there strong wind, excessive snowfall, extreme cold, or heavy fog?
    • Generally, extreme cold is defined as sustained air temperatures far below zero or sustained wind chills of 40 degrees or more below zero.
  • How would student learning be affected by a delay or cancellation?
Ultimately the decision to send your child to school is yours as a parent. If we hold school and you are uncomfortable sending your child to school due to weather conditions, please contact your school and we will count the absence as excused.

Weather Procedures

In any weather emergency, the main objective is to provide protection and a safe environment for students. Once a decision has been reached, radio stations and news services will be contacted on behalf of the district, and the district will send out a Skylert message to families. Additionally, we may exercise the option of implementing an e-learning day, which will be communicated in the Skylert message to families.

Announcements Methods
Station AM / TV Station FM
WJON Radio 1240 BIGQ Radio 95.9
KXSS Radio 1390 WWJO Radio 98.1
KNSI Radio 1450 KMXK Radio 94.9
KASM Radio 1150 KKSR Radio 96.7
WCCO Radio 830 KLZZ Radio 103.7
KBECK Radio 1800 KCLD Radio 104.7
WCCO TV Channel 4 KZPK Radio 98.9
KSTP TV Channel 5 KCML Radio 99.9
KMSP TV Channel 9 KLCI Radio 91.5
KARE 11 - TV Channel 11    

In addition to these radio and television outlets, weather alerts are announced on the Union-Times website at www.unionandtimes.com, on the district website at www.isd477.org, and the community digital sign by Coborn's. Additionally, our district Facebook and Twitter accounts will report weather announcements. The coordination of communications during weather emergencies takes the effort of many staff members and therefore we will not respond to weather-related inquiries through social media messaging.