Policy 625 - Acceleration of Students

Reviewed: April 19, 2016


The School Board recognizes that in certain situations it may be desirable to accelerate the placement of a student in instructional programs appropriate to the student’s academic, social, and personal development levels. The Superintendent is directed to develop and maintain a procedure which allows students to be accelerated.


Procedures shall be in place for academic acceleration of gifted and talented students in grades K-8. See policy 620: Credit for Learning, for applicable policy for students in grades 9-12.


Acceleration is the placement of student in an instructional program that is more age and/or academically appropriate.


A. The student may be considered for acceleration only if the following can be demonstrated clearly:

a. A high level of academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum with special emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics.

b. Intellectual ability two (2) standard deviations above the norm.

c. Social and emotional maturity.

d. High degree of persistence.

B. A request for acceleration should be directed to the principal or gifted/talented teacher. A building acceleration team comprised of the principal, present grade level teacher, previous year teacher, gifted/talented teacher and supervisor, and district psychologist will be convened to review the request; interview the student, parents, and teachers; review test data; and develop a recommendation.

C. If the team recommends acceleration, the principal will determine the most appropriate timeline for the student to be accelerated. Priority will be given to accelerating students at the beginning of a school year.

Legal References:

  • Minn. Stat. § 120B.15 (Gifted and Talented Students Program)

Cross References:

Adopted: March 22, 2011
Reviewed: April 19, 2016